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"Bringing It Back" Productions- Elvis Impersonator

Singing Telegram from Memphis, TN - Will travel up to 500 miles
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$50 - $500 per event
SAY IT WITH ELVIS! Hire Professional EP Impersonator, Brian Lee Howell, to deliver your message! Either by PHONE or IN PERSON, he can make it happen. He knows over 500 Elvis songs from memory:MOVIES,GOSPEL, CHRISTMAS-50s,60s,70s. Receive Souvenir & FREE GIFT! Over 30 outfits to keep your eyes entertained! Make it special-make it legendary-make it ELVIS!

"SINGING TELEGRAM" (Starts at $140)

Our "Singing Telegrams" are offered with two accompaniment options: 1) Acapella OR 2) One small speaker with Mic & Music. ($20 extra for the 2nd option & electricity must be provided/designated so the person who comes in before Brian will have immediate access to hook it up. It should take no longer than 5 minutes to set up. If in need of a complete surprise or, if venue does not allow, acapella will be best but, the recipient will not know that Elvis is about to appear just by the other person.) Secondly, choose your song selections if you have a preference (can be 1 or 2 - "Happy Birthday" is automatically included for free). Need help? Check out Brian's songlist for a complete list or, make it easy and leave it up to him. Brian knows over 500 Elvis songs from memory and he will pick the perfect songs for the occasion or take special request from the guests. Thirdly, it is all about the attire! Brian has a wardrobe closet of more than 30 authentic outfits, not just jumpsuits like every other Elvis on the corner. Brian will decide on the best attire and make it appropriate for the event. Fourthly, we even offer a FREE gift for telegrams. In these cases, we prepare a customized CD that will be made just for them and personalized with their name. During the delivery, Brian will present this nice gift. There may also be one other souvenir given during the visit. It is just a small gesture we do for them to make their this a little more special. Fifthly, if you have any special instructions for Brian or message that you would like him to share on your behalf, we will make sure he includes it. Sixthly, we also provide a photographer that will be present with Elvis to take pictures. After the delivery, we will then provide "you" with a special 8x10 collage digital photo as a memento. Lastly, provide us with the date, time, name, and location and when all these points come together, Brian will make this special delivery. Afterwards, a "Meet & Greet" session will take place for pictures, autographs, and conversation with the recipient and any other guests that may be interested. After everything is said and done, the "Singing Telegram" should last no longer than 15-20 minutes. Depending on conversations, it may very well be longer.


The "Phone-A-Friend" is a professional call from Elvis for a low connection fee...ONLY $40. You can make a request and have Elvis call them up and sing that special tune(s) over the phone. He knows over 500 Elvis songs from memory so, it will be hard to stump him. Or, leave it up to him. He will pick the perfect song(s) for you. Also, if you have a special message that you would like to share, have Elvis say it for you. When they hear "Hi, this is Elvis Presley," you better believe they will be surprised. This is great for any special occasion and a neat way to say "Happy Birthday." Just give us the name and number and Brian will make it happen. The call does not have to last long, maybe 2-3 minutes. It all depends on the conversation so, it may very well be longer. Based on their situation, you can even make it a conference call. With everyone on speaker, this will definitely be something they will all remember. I can schedule this for you to be delivered at any time, as long as Brian is available. So, make it special...make it ELVIS...and all the way from Memphis, TN! Brian Lee Howell has done many, many of these type phone calls so, you can rest assured to know that it will run smooth and be a big surprise for the one on the other end.


- Various '50s jackets (Pink, Blue, Red, Ivory, Blue & White pinstripe, Grey tweed, Brown tweed, Cream tweed)

- Gold Lame Jacket

- Blue Jean outfit (from movie "Loving You")

- Teddy Bear suit (from movie "Loving You")

-"Jailhouse Rock" convict outfit (from movie "Jailhouse Rock")

- Grey Sweater/Black pants (Baby I Don't Care outfit from movie "Jailhouse Rock")

- Brown shirt, brown scarf, black pants (from movie "King Creole")

- Ivory blazer, White shirt, Black tie, Black pants (Trouble outfit from movie "King Creole")

- Black Tuxedo (from 1960 Frank Sinatra Timex Special)

-"G.I. Blues" uniform (from movie "G.I. Blues")

- Red Hawaiian shirt/Khaki pants (from movie "Blue Hawaii")

- Cream Tweed blazer, White shirt, Yellow tie, Black pants (Rock-A-Hula outfit from movie "Blue Hawaii")

- Light blue jean shirt/Blue jean pants (from movie "Follow That Dream")

- Cream Tweed blazer, White shirt, Black tie, Black pants (I Don't Wanna Be Tied outfit from movie "Girls!Girls!Girls!")

- Black Suit (Return To Sender outfit from movie "Girls!Girls!Girls!")

- Dark Grey blazer, White shirt, Black tie, Black pants (from movie "It Happened At The World's Fair")

- Black Matador jacket (from movie "Fun In Acapulco")

- Cream Tweed blazer, White shirt, Black tie, Black pants (Bossa Nova Baby outfit from movie "Fun In Acapulco")

- Cream Tweed blazer (Come On Everybody outfit from movie "Viva Las Vegas")

- Red Blue Jean jacket, Light Blue Jean shirt, Blue Jean pants (from the movie "Roustabout")

- Black shirt/Black pants (from movie "Girl Happy")

- Deep Blue blazer, White shirt, Black pants (from movie "Spinout")

- Black blazer, Maroon turtleneck, Grey pants (from movie "Easy Come, Easy Go")

- Blue "Speedway" jacket (from movie "Speedway")

- White Suit (from movie "Trouble With Girls")

- Black Leather outfit (from 1968 Comeback Special)

- 1970s Flowered Puffy Shirt

- 1970s Red Puffy Shirt/Black Pinstripe Pants (TTWII Rehearsal outfit)

- 1970s Light Blue Puffy Shirt

- Black Macrame Belt

- Gold International Belt

- White Concho Jumpsuit

- Blue Pinwheel Jumpsuit

- Black Cisco Kid Jumpsuit

Choose any outfit...Choose any song(s)...



"Bringing It Back" Productions represents our featured artist, World-class Impersonator, Brian Lee Howell. (We also have other professional impersonators on the roster as well.) Brian has been performing since 2004 and, unlike most others of his kind, this is his FULL-TIME CAREER. He travels anywhere. At every show, you will witness a high quality performance from a professional artist who truly represents Elvis' legacy accurately and with that certain charisma that Elvis possessed. Brian has performed in 9 states, over 250 cities, and has appeared both locally and nationally on T.V., Radio, and Magazines. He has even portrayed Elvis in a musical role. Brian Lee Howell continues to amaze audiences everywhere in his show entitled, "ELVIS: Pieces Of My Life!"

Brian is a younger Artist, knows over 500 Elvis songs from memory, and has a 5-octave vocal range...just like Elvis! Taken from the name of an Elvis song, this show is a story-line production that depicts pieces of Elvis's career...highlighting every era including the '50s, '60s, '70s, Movies, the '68 Comeback Special, Gospel Performances, Christmas Hits, Concerts, and more. Distinct sets contain songs from that particular time, each with its own defined style, along with a wardrobe that represents that scene. You will witness authentic outfit changes such as the Gold Lame jacket, a vast array of Movie attire, the Black Leather outfit, '68 Gold jacket, Jumpsuits, and more. Throughout the show, the audience will listen to narrations that direct them to the next scene. Next to all of these features, the show also includes commentary, free souvenirs, props, stage routines, and a "Meet & Greet" session afterwards for pictures, autographs, & special purchases. There are over 40 variations of shows and appearances offered! The great thing about Brian is that he is not restricted to just one era. While keeping the crowd's attention with the different outfit changes, Brian shares history throughout the show by stepping into character, and portraying the role accurately and's like you are watching Elvis again! And, since Brian knows so many songs, special requests are never a problem. Want to get a taste of Elvis from every again? Watch as all the pieces come together for the complete Elvis experience!..."ELVIS: Pieces Of My Life."
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Birthday Party (Adult)

Overall Talent

I hired Brian for my mother's 75th bday party and can't and was blown away! Brian arrived at the party looking great wearing a younger Elvis look and saying things to my mom that we had requested. He sounded amazing and his dance moves were spot on. His interactions with my mom and the guests were perfect. Brian went above and beyond even singing an extra song. He stayed for photos and was so personable. Everyone raved about him and how he made the party. My mother said it was the best party of her life thanks to Brian (Elvis)! If you are looking for an Elvis impersonator- Brian Lee Howell is the best!

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Anniversary Party

Overall Talent

Prompt and preformed very well. Dressed and acted the character very well. Best Elvis impersonator I've seen. Would most definitely recommend for any engagement. Stayed over allotted time and was very personable with everyone. No negative comments

(more) Review by . from Memphis, TN on

Birthday Party (Adult)

Overall Talent

Brian was great- so friendly. Professional arrived on time despite terrible weather. He posed for lots of pics and chit chat. Great

(more) Review by . from Memphis, TN on
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Birthday Party (Adult)
Memphis, TN
4:00 PM - 4:15 PM
Birthday Party (Adult)
Memphis, TN
8:00 PM - 8:15 PM
A Dog's Life
A Fool Such As I
A Little Bit Of Green
A Little Less Conversation
A Mess Of Blues
A World Of Our Own
Adam And Evil
After Loving You
Ain't That Loving You Baby
All I Needed Was The Rain
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Please note "Bringing It Back" Productions- Elvis Impersonator will also travel to Southaven, Horn Lake, Walls, West Memphis, Marion, Nesbit, Proctor, Olive Branch, Cordova, Lake Cormorant, Edmondson, Millington, Clarkedale, Collierville, Crawfordsville, Hernando, Turrell, Eads, Arlington, Byhalia, Gilmore, Heth, Lenox, Robinsonville, Drummonds, Atoka, Rossville, Coldwater, Earle, Frenchmans Bayou.