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5 Reasons NOT to BYOB

(Be Your Own Bartender)

When you're hosting an event, it sounds tempting – perhaps even easy – to be the bartender. Buy a few bottles of alcohol, print a few recipes, and mix drinks for your guests. Right? Not quite. We're serving up 5 reasons why you won't want to get stuck behind the bar at your next event:

  1. You'll Buy Too Much or Too Little
    Stocking up on too much booze can result in a hefty price tag, but buying too little means your party may run dry. You can avoid either misfortune by booking an expert. Some professional bartenders can consult you on exactly what purchases to make, while others come fully equipped with all the fixin's they'll need. If you've already made the purchase, don't worry – a pro can tell you what drinks can be crafted with the supplies you have on hand.
  2. You'll Spend More Money
    You might not realize how many components go into a good drink until you're actually purchasing them. The cost of mixers and garnishes can really add up quickly! Plus, "with a self-serve bar, guests tend to experiment," shares professional bartender Bobbie Westmoreland. A cup of this mixed with a splash of that result in unappetizing drinks that end up in the trash. Hire an expert to cut costs by avoiding the waste.
  3. Your Mixology Skills Need Work
    Speaking of good drinks, you might not be so great at making them. Sure, anyone can read off a recipe; but it's not so easy to get the measurements just right. And do you really know when to shake versus stir? Bartending is an art that the pros have perfected. They'll ensure tasty concoctions your guests will love, and you won't have to worry about anyone spitting their whiskey way too sour back into the glass.
  4. You'll Miss the Added Flair
    Even if they're not throwing bottles through the air, bringing in a bartender adds an element of entertainment. They can interact with the guests, and tailor drinks to their tastes. You can even ask them to create signature beverages that are specially crafted for your event. Whether it's a black tie affair or just a backyard bash, the use of a professional will make your event seem more upscale.
  5. You'll be Too Busy to Enjoy Your Own Party
    "The nicest thing about hiring a bartender is that you'll be able to relax and enjoy time with your guests," says Westmoreland. If you're busy slinging the drinks, you'll sacrifice time that could have been spent making memories with your guests.

Still need convincing? Check out this expertly crafted recipe from mixologist Alexa of Raising the Bar:

Persian Cooler (Serves 4)

16 oz Pomegranate juice

4 oz Lemon juice

20 oz Sparkling wine (or club soda for a non-alcoholic version)

1/4 cup sugar

1 tsp orange blossom water

Instructions: Mix juices, sugar and water in pitcher until sugar dissolves. Finish with sparkling wine, then enjoy!

Not only can a professional bartender create a drink that is tasteful (and tasty), but they'll save you the trouble of finding orange blossom water at the supermarket!

Bottom line: don't get stuck behind the bar at your own event – go with a pro!

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