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Bounce House Rentals

Bouncy Castles and Your Child's Safety

Renting bounce houses or a bouncy castle might provide that extra entertainment needed at your next event. Staying safe is a priority for GigMasters, so we asked our vendors to share their top safety tips for keeping you and your guests safe. This guide is intended to help start the conversation when you rent a bounce house from GigMasters.

Bounce houses have been swarming the news headlines for a slew of different disasters. But, what you don't hear is that most of these incidents have occurred when people forgo the use of a professional to safely set up and monitor the inflatables. Using a professional doesn't mean that accidents can't occur, but it greatly lessens the risk. We've asked our own expert members for the top bounce house problems they've seen, and what measures can be taken to prevent them from happening at your party.

  1. Bumps and Bruises
    Most of our bounce house vendors agreed that the most common injuries occur from kids bumping into one another. But it's a bounce house, right? How on earth do you prevent that?

    The answer: supervision. "Always have a responsible adult present to monitor inflatables and be there for regulation and assistance," insists Nathan of All Star Inflatable Games. Many companies even provide a staff member to oversee the inflatable and ensure there aren't too many kids on at once
  2. Poor Set-Up
    Problems can also occur when proper installation isn't followed. This is the number one reason why store bought inflatable toys can end up in disaster. The equipment used by the professionals is commercial grade, unlike the flimsy nylon units that can be purchased at toy stores. Bounce house professionals are also trained to install and remove the rentals in a safe way. This includes using the correct amount of air, and stakes or weights necessary to keep the inflatable from moving.
  3. Power Failure
    Bounce houses require a good amount of electricity to remain inflated- a fact that is often overlooked. If the power fails, they can deflate very quickly and leave children trapped inside. Boggsters Family Entertainment always checks to see how much voltage is being drawn from the breaker the equipment is plugged into, and they recommend you do the same. This prevents the circuit from overloading, but just in case, many companies also travel with a backup power source.
  4. Sticky Situations
    With a handful of kids around, nothing stays clean for long. Sandy feet and frosting covered hands can quickly make inflatables messy. Our members recommend keeping wipes on hand during the party so little ones can clean up before entering. After the event, they follow special procedures to sanitize the equipment before its next appearance.
  5. Gone with the Wind
    Yes, we've heard of bounce houses taking flight, too. Yes, it's terrifying. But professional-grade bounce houses weigh over 500 pounds, unlike their toy-store-bought counterparts. Even still, our members take careful precautions, like keeping an eye on the weather reports and never setting up inflatables in high wind situations. If the weather is safe enough for use, bounce houses are securely fastened to the ground.

When all of these precautions are followed, bounce houses can turn your day into one the kids will remember. They're fun, affordable, good exercise, and a great way to ensure the little ones have an early bed time! Don't let the stories deflate your decision just yet- hire a professional for a safe and successful bounce house at your next party!

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