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Terrell Prude is definitely a First Class Entertainer and Businessman and deserves Praise, Respect and Admiration. Terrell Prude* is a Pop Symphony Orchestra Conductor, Classical & Jazz Pianist & Jazz Organist who doesn't limit himself to one type of music, but uses his years of musical expertise to play everything: Classical, Jazz, Top 40, Show and Movie Themes, Country, Blues, Standards, Folk, Spirituals, etc. Not only a performer, Terrell Conducts Symphonies. Terrell's travels Nationally include touring and playing Jazz Concerts in all 50 States and around the World (22 times). He was also an Actor and Musical Director in Commercials. Written arrangements, composed original works, booked acts as Entertainment Director for major Hotels, Personal Artist Manager, and is the Executive Producer of his latest album, entitled T-n-T, recorded with the Portland Oregon Pop Symphony Orchestra named by his Son, Terrell, Jr„ who plays Drums on the session. He is the only artist to achieve this prestigious honor.

Born and named after his Father and Grand Father. Terrell inherited his Mother's musical talents. She was born on the Cherokee Indian Reservation, and grew up in Tulsa, OK She moved to Chicago, where she sang in a Trio with Kate Smith and Ethel Waters. His Father born in Tupelo, MS was a railroad chef and automobile mechanic. His Father's only child, Terrell grew up behind half-brother Bernard Brown, 16 years his senior and a talented Drummer, Band Leader and Vocalist.

As a youngster, Terrell crawled up on the bench of his Mother's old upright piano to play, and by age 6 she found a piano teacher who came out of retirement to teach this apt pupil. He practiced 6 to 8 hours each day on the Classics as the only pupil of his 80-year-old Austrian teacher (Olga), and by age 12 he became the first Black student at the Detroit Conservatory of Music, Detroit MI. At age 13, He played Ravel's Left Hand Concerto with the Detroit Symphony, and was well on his way to earning his degree playing Classical Piano and Pipe Organ when his beloved teacher died when he was 16 years old. Terrell stopped playing for a year, but returned to the Detroit Conservatory and graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Harmony and Theory with a 4.0 GPA. by age 18, at the same time graduating from High School with an A-.

Interested in the music industry, he became a Musicians' Union member at 18, working occasionally for Motown and Delta Record Labels doing studio recording sessions.Terrell moved from Pontiac, MI to Detroit, MI and enrolled in Wayne State University, Detroit, ML Majoring in Medicine and Minoring in Law, and Business Administration, graduating with a 4.0 GPA Bachelor's Degree, while working at Pontiac Motors Fisher Body in molding on the swing shift to earn money for school, and performed musically where he could. Running out of money, Terrell moved to Cleveland, OH, to live with his Uncle Jordan Nelson, and worked at IBM in Office Computer Programming and also as a Hospital Orderly and performing musically around town to make money for his family and school. He was accepted by Western Reserve University in Cleveland, but never attended because Music was in his heart and soul. By men, he was divorced and the Father of 6 Children, 3 Boys and 3 Girls.

At age 24, he began to play the B3 Hammond Jazz Organ under the tutelage of his Mentor, Johnny "Hammond" Smith. Terrell took a leave of absence from IBM and the Hospital to play music, and never went back. Within a short while in Cleveland, he became extremely popular in the Black and White Clubs Circuit, working first-class nightclubs and posh Hotels, including the Majestic Hotel Terrell was the first Black to work the prestigious downtown "All White" Theatrical Grill George Hamilton, the actor's Father owned it.

By age 26, a Cleveland furniture store owner sponsored Terrell's one-hour local weekly TV show named "Swinging '58" and shown on KYW-TV. It was taped live at the Majestic Hotel's Cocktail Lounge which showcased his 7 Piece Band Proving to be extremely popular, the show was renewed the following year with Terrell's 17 Piece Orchestra and featured Female Vocalist and was named "Swinging '59-60". The show was taped at Westinghouse Studios downtown Cleveland. He was the first Black in the country to have achieved this status other than the Great Nat King Cole. He also toured the country with his Jazz Organ, Drums, Guitar and Sax Quartet, and Featured Artists, 1958-62, returning to Cleveland once a week for the TV show taping.

Through the years of touring, Terrell has played with music greats: Frank Sinatra, who made it possible for Terrell to be the first African American Lounge Entertainer to work the Prestigious Fontainebleau Hotel, Miami Beach, FL., Ray Charles, Ella Fitzgerald, Count Basie, Lou Rawls, Aretha Franklin, Sammy Davis, Jr., BB King, Stevie Wonder, Glen Campbell, Nancy Wilson, George Benson, just to name a few. He is very highly respected and admired by the best in the business.

On his Mentor, Count Basic's recommendation, Terrell was booked by his management team as Guest Conductor of the 90-piece Seattle Symphony Orchestra for the opening of the 1962 World's Fair where he played the 9ft Steinway Grand Piano and featured his B3 Jazz Hammond Organ. He was the first Black Conductor for this Orchestra. After the 2 week engagement, wearing his White Tuxedo with Tails, Terrell received a 20 minute standing ovation from the originally reluctant all White Symphony members and the predominately White audience.

Terrell was then booked into the Cotton Club in Portland, Or, with his Jazz Organ, Drums & Guitar Trio. That's where Mr.Charles Sullivan, owner of the Internationally Renown, Fillmore Hotel, San Francisco, CA, approached Terrell to open in his Hotel.

That was his entrance to San Francisco and the beautiful Bay Area. Mr. Sullivan became his Personal Artist Manager and his career took off to great heights. Since then, he has conducted Symphonies in Seattle, San Francisco, Milwaukee, Chicago, and Detroit

In 1963, Terrell was the intermission act for the Ray Charles Concert at the Masonic Temple Auditorium in San Francisco. Ray heard Terrell and wanted to meet him.. The next day, Ray Charles signed Terrell to a 6year recording contract on his Tangerine Label He was the first to be signed, as his Studio Pianist and to tour with Ray and the Rayletts. Ray Charles produced Terrell's first album, "Princess". The title tune "Princess" was co-written by Terrell and his Mentor Johnny "Hammond" Smith for an outstanding Cleveland Ebony Fashion Model Terrell was dating,. Terrell also recorded with and on Ray's albums and traveled with Ray on and off for 20 years as his opening act with his Jazz Organ, Drums & Guitar Trio and Orchestra member. The pair wrote "Blues Out Yonder" together for the "Princess" album. Popular San Francisco radio personality Al "Jazzbo" Collins adopted the tune for his theme song for 10 years. Terrell also wrote "Sheila", named for his oldest daughter, and "Frog Eyes"for the humor of the name.

By 1965, Terrell was at home in San Francisco, working "Big Al's" club on Broadway and various hotels and night clubs. The city was still segregated, but changing. Henry Lewin, then General Manager of the San Francisco Hilton Hotel delayed a year before bringing Terrell's Trio & Female Vocalist into his Prestigious Hotel. His original 2 week contract was extended to 4 weeks, during the first nights engagement, then extended to 6 months within the first week, then within the first month indefinitely. Terrell stayed several years. Then Mr, Lewin moved to Las Vegas. Terrell played several years at the Mark Hopkins Hotel on Knob Hill, and 9 years at the Fairmont Hotel on Knob Hill m the Tonga Room which he also redesigned, with a Quintet that included a Female Vocalist who sang fluently in 9 languages.

It was the Fairmont Hotel that began Terrell's Executive Career as their Entertainment Director, first looking to his expertise to fill the Crown Room, which he redesigned in 1970, then he redesigned the New Orleans Room, the Convention Center, and the Venetian Show Room. Terrell brought for the first time, a large diversity of entertainment to the Fairmont Hotel which included greats such as Ray Charles, Tony Bennett, Earl "Fatha" Hines, Sonny & Cher, Ella Fitzgerald, Aretha Franklin, Lou Rawls, Mills Brothers, B.B. King, etc These acts did so well and the constant full house audience reception was so great that extra nightly shows were added.

Within 3 months, Terrell was promoted from Entertainment Director to Vice President of Entertainment. Within 6 months Terrell was promoted to Executive Corporate Vice President of Hotel Management and Entertainment, with an annual budget of $40 Million Dollars, which included Marketing, Advertising, Diversity, Public Relations and Human Resources.

Terrell spent 9 years working for the Fairmont Hotel Corporation, and became so busy booking entertainment and his other Hotel responsibilities for the
5 Hotels of the Fairmont Hotel Corporation Nationally that he seldom had time
to perform as an Entertainer himself, but he "squeezed" it in occasionally.
Terrell also worked for 1 year as the Fairmont Hotel Consultant.

Terrell left the Fairmont to become Executive Corporate Vice President and Entertainment Director for Hyatt Hotels West Coast Division, with an office in Burlingame, Calif Terrell also performed as an Entertainer in the Embarcadero and Burlingame Hotels.

The General Manager of Hyatt Embarcadero, Mr. Peter Goldman, "loaned" Terrell to Bob McClure, Entertainment Director at Harrah's Tahoe. Booking replacements for himself at the Hyatt Hotels, Terrell was booked for 4 times a year at Harrah's Tahoe, 4 weeks at a time. After 2 bookings, Harrah's made him an "offer he couldn't refuse", and he brought his 5-piece band to Lake Tahoe and became a Nevada Lounge Entertainer and his career again accelerated.

Terrell himself delivered the last of his seven children Terrell Prudd, Jr., at Kaiser Hospital in 1968 @ 6:41 AM. He had missed much of the childhoods of his first family while touring, but was determined not to miss raising this last son which he did so as a Single Male Parent.

Terrell began his company named "Terrell Prude' Enterprises" in 1968, and became Personal Artist Manager for a variety of entertainers of different backgrounds and musical styles, as well as band leader for his own group.
Terrell continued his education at San Francisco State University, and graduated with a 4.0 GPA in 1971 with a Master's Degree in Business Administration, Law and Music Composition and Arranging.

After a stay in Los Angeles working with Ray Charles and several of the major recording artists and studios, Terrell moved back to San Francisco in 1979. Terrell worked 2 years performing in the Reflections Room at Hyatt Union Square which he also designed. In 1981, Terrell moved to Seattle, hoping it would be a better living environment for Terrell, Jr., Terrell fell in love with Seattle, and worked all the major Hotels there in Seattle. Then in 1992 it was on to Portland, Ore. Terrell managed Diana Ross9 drummer Mel Brown and his Sextet for 4 years, while also managing several other entertainers.
Terrell, Jr. had graduated from High School and enlisted in the U.S. Air Force. He returned after 3 years being stationed in Madrid Spain, where Father
6 Son worked together on concert dates in Madrid, and Paris, France.

Terrell, Jr., upon discharge, enrolled at University of Washington where he graduated from a 7 year Double Major Course which included Physics, Electronic Engineering, Chemistry and Computer Science with a 3.50 GPA. I am so very, very proud of him. Physics as we all know is a super difficult subject.

Terrell moved in 1992 to Bay Point, CA9 and started working 2 to 3 gigs a day, 6 and 7 days a week, main staying as the "House Band" at the prestigious Claremont Hotel, Oakland, CA. In December 1994, he developed walking pneumonia. By the time a neighbor got him to the hospital, it was nearly too late. Terrell was unable to work for 21/2 years and Terrell, Jr. was still in college (University of Washington).

Terrell moved to Las Vegas (a dryer climate) in June 1995 to continue his recovery. Walter Mason, Entertainment Coordinator, Hilton Hotel put Terrell to work immediately. Actor, George Hamilton, who remembered him when he worked for his Dad in Cleveland, OH, hired Terrell as his Entertainment Director with his Piano, Bass and Drums Trio for the Jan.1,1997, Grand Opening of "Hamilton fs Lounge" which he also designed for George, in the New York New York Hotel. After 2 years, Gatsby's in the MGM Grand lured him away for 2 years. Just a few of the Las Vegas Hotels Terrell has worked are: Bellagio, Mirage, Caesars Palace, MGM Grand, Venetian, Paris, Bully's, Flamingo, Excalibur, Red Rock, Lake Las Vegas, Hilton, Sheraton, Palace Station, Aladdin, Westin, Tropicana, Sahara, Alexis Park, Primadona, Plaza (Oscar's),etc, etc.

You Make Me Feel So Young
ff I Could
The Very Thought Of You
Try A Little Tenderness
The More I See You
Big Wide Wonderful World
What'll I Do
Angel Eyes
The Nearness Of You
Some One To Watch Over Me
Jazz Piano
Baby Showers
Happy Hours
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Bachelor Parties
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Luau Parties
Wedding Ceremonies
Wedding Receptions
Engagement Parties
Family Reunions
Rehearsal Dinners
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High School Reunions
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Please note Terrell Prudé will also travel to North Las Vegas, The Lakes, Henderson, Blue Diamond, Boulder City, Jean, Indian Springs, Overton, Dolan Springs, Moapa, Logandale, Tecopa, Pahrump.
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