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Piano from Newport, OR - Will travel up to 500 miles
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$800 - $6000 per event
Music comes to me when I am sad. But ironically, this makes me happy because my sadness is translated into the prettiest music. When the music on this CD came to me, I felt tremendous gratitude. As I sat at the piano letting this music flow through me, I felt thankful for everything that I already have in life. I saw the image of me standing in the center of the world and looking up at the beautiful, vivid clouds racing through the sky and the world was turning and I was turning with it and praising God. I could see tears in my eyes and I fully experienced how blessed I really am.

I once read, "God will never leave you empty, He will replace everything you lost. If he asks you to put something down, he wants you to pick up something greater." So I am just enjoying every minute I have and trusting God's plan for me.

This lovely piece of music is called "With Loving Gratitude." Playing music keeps me moving forward and enjoying everyday. I feel like I am on top of world now, even though we live modestly. The image of me praising God inspired the title of another song on this CD. It is call "On Top of the World." Sometimes I have to pinch myself see if this is real. People all over the world are listening to my music and it is even on the radio now.

Recently, God's plan for me was to focus all my energy on creating and recording this CD myself, even though it meant I didn't sleep until it was finished. If you find your true self and do what you love, you will never feel tired, but rather energized every day. Time moves very quickly. Every minute is important so don't let them get away. One hundred years can be gone in an instant.

these are some of my songs

God's Plan
The inspiration for this piece came when I imagined myself walking with God and telling Him how grateful I am for the life He has given me. He has a plan for me, just as He has a plan for all people. Everything that happens in life has a purpose. For this, I pray and give Him thanks everyday.

The Time has Come
This piece came to me when I realized that the time has come to recognize who we truly are and to live life authentically. I am thankful everyday because I found out who I am truly am -- a special child of God, just as we are all special in God's eyes. This knowledge allows me to let go of anger an resentment and experience overwhelming joy -- the kind of joy that brings tears to my eyes. we are all traveling our own paths and I feel fortunate that, even though we may not always understand each other, we can still love and support each other. God created each of us with our own unique talents and gifts to share with the world. You cannot buy happiness so there is no reason to worry about chasing money. Happiness is within us all. We just need to let it flow.

Nothings matters anymore
After a long period of darkness, a time came when I started to notice how special I am -- not perfect, but special. In that moment, I realized that we are all special in our own, unique ways. I felt lucky everyday -- lucky to see everything and everyone in my life, especially my parents and the people at whom I used to be angry. Just looking at them brings tears to my eyes because I get to love them every day, just the way they are. My heart said "Nothing matters anymore. I am so lucky you are still here with me." And this song came.

Graceful rain
Rainy days used to make me sad. However, once I found myself, my soul, my music and my happiness, the rain became graceful. Now rain reminds me just how beautiful life can be. If you can't find your graceful rain, try to switch your own channel. The ability to see the beauty in everything is just waiting for you to discover it.

My first grateful fall( Grateful for the fall)
In the past, when the fall came and the trees turned yellow and brown, I always felt sad. All I saw were falling leaves and it made me feel like I was failing again and again. But in 2011, I felt grateful for the fall for the first time. Colorful leaves were flying through the air. I imagined myself dancing with the beautiful falling leaves and this music came to me. Now, I experience tears of joy everyday and am truly blessed! My heart's only wish is for everyone in the world to find what I have found in life -- joy and gratitude everyday.
We can all learn to turn on our own lights. When we are happy and grateful and smiling everyday, we light up the lives of other people, too. Our blessings can change the world because others feel love and light and warmth coming through us. We don't ever have to go to that dark place again because love and light are magnified a trillion fold -- continuously encircling us and everyone we meet. To experience tears of joy every day, we must be grateful for everything God has created is our lives. Yes, everything. Smile everyday and know that we are blessed.

This story is for an album"With Loving Gratitude". My Bio is to long to post here, avaliable on my website: huiyachen
With Loving Gratitude!
Huiya Chen
I Wonder
Huiya Chen
I am praising you, God!
Huiya Chen
Imagining, I became a dancing water
Huiya Chen
Graceful Rain
Huiya Chen
Grateful Fall
Huiya Chen
Magnificent God!
Huiya Chen
Truly blessed!
Huiya Chen
I am contant!
Huiya Chen
On top of the world!
Huiya Chen
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