Eli Patterson

Motivational Speaker from Bakersfield, CA - Will travel up to 3000 miles
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$950 - $19000 per event
Are you looking for a more meaningful way to communicate with your family or friends, or in your personal life? Or, how about better communication with your leadership team at work? Maybe you're having trouble with effectively communicating the importance of leading safety in a way that workers want to follow you, not just because they have to because you are the "Boss"? How specifically, will you know when you are communicating and winning over people? What or how specifically, will positively influencing people look like? Moreover, what will if feel like? What specifically, will you and others achieve from better mindful communication?

There are many different forms of communication other than the obvious forms such as, verbally, audible, or visually. In fact, many of our communication, and decision making is subconscious. At any given time we are absorbing millions of bits of information, and we can be overwhelmed which may change the outcome of our behaviors and emotions.

As a Peak Performance Coach, Eli has acquired a lot of training and experiences. Much of his training is in skills that involve the mind such as, Leadership coaching, Nuero- Linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnosis, and understanding behaviors and personalities. As a NLP Master Practitioner, Eli teaches principles in his workshops that he has learned over the years to help people communicate not just on a conscious level, but also at a subconscious level to help the sender of information effectively communicate what he or she is trying to convey.

"I have learned that we can't have all of the answers all of the time, but we can utilize the resources that other people already know, even if they don't know they know."

"In my workshops, I teach principles of Coaching for better communication, Basic principle of Nuero- NLP, to help find a more resourceful behavior, Principles of personalities-- to know one self's communication style is critical in order to communicate with others, and much more."

In my Essentials of Personality workshops, or my Coaching for Success workshop, I'll teach you, your team, or loved ones proven tools and technics that go back 460 BC to help you:

Find your core value "True North"

Grow trusting relationships

Develop production

Flip animosity into gratitude

Welcome diversity

Leading safety to a world class safety record

Improve your team's personality skills

Increase leadership skills

Workshops include, but not limited to:

Essentials of Personality

Positive Personality Stress Management

Coaching for Success

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Please note Eli Patterson will also travel to Tupman, Shafter, Edison, Buttonwillow, Lamont, Taft, Wasco, Maricopa, Fellows, Di Giorgio, Mc Farland, Arvin, Mc Kittrick, Delano, Lost Hills, Keene, Frazier Park, Woody, Earlimart, Alpaugh.
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