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Friends Of Michael Jackson Michael Jackson Tribute Act from New Bern, NC

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$75 - $650 per event
Hello, from Cole Porter. Just wanted to let you know that your Event/Occasion is very important to me. I provide all services as far as performances and setting up all equipment. Up-lighting is not available. For Equipment and performance initial Set-Up Fee is $175.00 for the first hour. Performance only rates start at $75.00. Rates for additional hours start at $50.00 per hour. Depending on your event and distance of travel, your rate may/will vary. All Shows/Events are planned in accordance to the Client's requests. If you request a regular show then songs, dance routines, etc. will be planned specifically for your event. Since no show is ever the same there is no set play list.
In order to get an accurate quote you (the Client) need to give as much information as possible about your event/occasion. (Example: Where is the anticipated location, how many guests will attend or how many do you think there will be, is it indoors or outdoors, how many outlets are available and are they easily accessible in the vicinity of where you think that I may set up. Will you need an Announcer for your event? Do you want lighting effects? (Note: You might not be charged for this so feel free to ask.) How much of the event do you want to plan? Is it theme based? (example: Only 80's music) Do you have specific seating arrangements, if so do you need help with that? Will you need an itinerary for your guests? Is there a stage area, if so how big/small? Are there other entertainers there? What are my limitations (if any)?
All expenses and fees are to be paid prior to set-up/performance. Depending on your event, you may be required to pay a deposit.
What makes Friends Of Michael Jackson so unique you may ask? When you contact me you will have the option to plan all of your song requests and lay-outs for your entire event. If you decide that you don't want the added stress then just relax and let me take care of all the details (charges/fees may apply).
What can you expect if you've never seen my shows before? First of all, I would like to say that I have an amazing set-up. The lighting is top of the line and high definition quality from Chauvet Lighting. I've made investments in sound equipment, stage lighting and Michael Jackson clothing so you can expect nothing but the best! Years of rehearsal and set-up of choreography has been invested with lay-outs that will totally amaze you. Much of which you may/may not have already seen. You are guaranteed to have an amazing time! Upon the first initial phone call I will ask you general questions. How many people will/may attend? What is the age group? How big of a room, area will it be? How tall is the ceiling height? Do you have outlets near where you anticipate where I will set up? Where are the locations of them? Windows? Doors? Emergency Exits? Issues? Concerns? How much space can you provide for dancing, etc? Where is your location? What date are you interested in booking? What time of the day (morning, evening, night)? How long do you think you want a show to last?

09-20-2013 Facility James City NC
09-21-2013 Facility James City NC (Vocal Performance)
12-23-2013 Facility James City NC (Pre-Christmas Event)
01-07-2014 Facility James City NC
02-07-2014 Facility New Bern NC (Surprise Birthday Party that I paid for)
03-07-2014 Facility New Bern NC
06-06-2014 Facility New Bern NC (Outside Family Day Event)
09-03-2014 Facility New Bern NC
09-15-2014 Facility New Bern NC
09-24-2014 Facility New Bern NC
09-30-2014 Facility New Bern NC
10-03-2014 Facility Morehead City NC
10-31-2014 Facility New Bern NC (Halloween Party)
10-31-2014 Facility New Bern NC (Halloween Party) *different location
12-15-2014 Facility New Bern NC (Employee Appreciation)
12-15-2014 Facility New Bern NC Birthday Celebration *different location
12-17-2014 Facility New Bern NC
08-28-2015 Lansing, Illinois - Surprise Party for a child whom has multiple surgeries. Paid for entire event which included food, balloons, entertainment, etc.
09-02-2015 Facility Morehead City, NC
11-09-2015 Facility New Bern, NC
11-18-2015 Facility New Bern, NC
12-16-2015 Facility New Bern, NC (Christmas Celebration)
12-31-2015 Facility New Bern, NC (New Year's Celebration)
01-22-2016 Backup vocalist for Tej'ai Sullivan for Professional Michael Jackson performance in Boca, Florida
02-11-2016 Facility New Bern (Valentine's Social Event)
05-06-2016 West Craven High School - JR ROTC Ball - Paid Event
05-07-2016 Live Performance - Jacksonville, NC - Paid Event

No Future Events
New Bern House
New Bern, NC
10:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Monford Point Marine Association Chapter 10
Jacksonville, NC
9:00 PM - 9:30 PM
West Craven High School JR ROTC Ball
Vanceboro, NC
7:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Private Facility
New Bern, NC
11:30 AM - 2:30 PM
Beat It
Michael Jackson
Shake Your Body (Down To The Ground) This is It Version
Michael Jackson
Dangerous (Live at Royal Brunei)
Michael Jackson
They Don't Care About Us - In The Closet (with dance sequence)
Michael Jackson
Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'
Billie Jean
I Want You Back- The Love You Save- I'll Be There
Man In The Mirror
Human Nature
Smooth Criminal
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Please note Friends Of Michael Jackson will also travel to Bridgeton, Grantsboro, Arapahoe, Ernul, Pollocksville, Havelock, Bayboro, Comfort, Cove City, Charlotte, Maysville, Merritt, Oriental, Vanceboro, Edward, Kinston, Aurora, Simpson, Stella, Blounts Creek.