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Inspirational Speaker from Palos Verdes Peninsula, CA - Will travel up to 3000 miles
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With a PhD in Social Psychology from the #1 ranked program in the U.S. (U. Michigan, Ann Arbor, US News and World Report, 2016), Dr. Treynor is a wisdom-keeper of how the peer pressure process works as it relates to why we unknowingly compromise ourselves under social pressure and thought-leader offering a revolutionary new paradigm for self-healing based on social psychological principles, with relevance to issues of: 1) "doing the right thing," 2) diversity and inclusion, 3) bullying, 4) emotional recovery (from past bullying or socially-induced depression), and 5) self-love and happiness, potentially contributing to increased employee engagement and your bottom line.

Dr. Wendy has spoken to thousands nationally and globally and given talks at universities including UC Berkeley, UCLA, the University of New South Wales in Australia, and Israel's Technion Institute of Technology. In addition to being a published author in scientific journals, and enjoying people and public speaking, she has received recognition for her communication skills, and her research has afforded her the opportunity to speak to audiences around the globe. Dr. Wendy founded her Healing Consulting business in 2007 and became a Visiting Scholar at the Institute for Social Research at UCLA (Sept '09-'10).

Her approach has been described as "fresh," "insightful," "exciting," and "intriguing," by Ali Neshati of Reader Views and hailed as "...[offering] an important conclusion about the way in which acceptance and love are basic and fundamental issues in relation to socialization," by the Journal of Analytical Psychology, "...a strong, insightful offering from an ambitious young academic...Highly recommended," by Ali Neshati of Reader Views, "...very informative..." by Vianna Renaud of TCM Reviews, and "...a highly intriguing and entertaining read, sure to give both psychology students and non-specialist general readers much to think about," by James Cox, Editor-in-Chief of The Midwest Book Review.

When you hire Dr. Wendy to speak, you are partnering for a better future, as all of Dr. Wendy's corporate programs are One-for-One, which means for each and every corporate keynote or training program Dr. Wendy is hired to give, she gives one program back free of charge to people who are on the ascent of transforming their lives through emotional healing, but may, at the present moment, due to circumstances, be lacking financial resources to attend her transformational events. By hiring Dr. Wendy, you put her wisdom and knowledge in the hands of those who need it most. Let where you put your money be a reflection of your highest heart calling. When you hire Wendy, you are doing just that-spreading Love and cutting-edge scientific knowledge-transforming lives and creating a ripple effect to create a better future. In Wendy's words, "Love is good business."

Dr. Treynor is also a depression survivor-turned happiness expert who formerly wanted to end her own life, wished for cancer as an "easy exit route" (alternative to suicide), and whose wish was granted, emancipating her to live one woman's remarkable, healing journey from death to life, fear to love, brokenness to healing, and tears to laughter, as detailed in her Gift of Cancer book and talk: "A Treasure Map to Happiness®! Dr. Treynor presents I CAN HEAL® : her revolutionary new paradigm for self-healing based on social psychological science, that offers an intuitive, science-based explanation of depression's root and exit route-- a "self-love solution to depression."


1) contents of Dr. Treynor's book The Gift of Cancer have been proven to be helpful for overcoming depression, in so far as everyone (100% of people) in a study said they would give the book to friends struggling with depression

2) contents of Dr. Treynor's book The Gift of Cancer have been scientifically proven to make people significantly happier

3) Dr. Treynor's talk "The Gift of Cancer" (also known as "A Treasure Map to Happiness!") has been scientifically proven to increase love of life, which means, simply by hearing her speak, your group will be experiencing a live form of one of New York Times Bestselling Author Dr. Kelly A. Turner's radical remission healing factors. (This particular study was run in 2010 with funding from The Lloyd Symington Foundation.)

Lastly, with Dr. Wendy Treynor as your speaker, you receive a rare mix of story and scholarship, entertainment and inspiration, knowledge and wisdom, science and spirit, mind and heart, leaving your group with a fresh perspective on life as well as love for it!

* Credit goes to Dr. Wendy's 10-year-old relative Sasha Smith for coining the term "Why People Become Sheeple."

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Please note Dr. Wendy Treynor will also travel to Rancho Palos Verdes, Torrance, Lomita, San Pedro, Harbor City, Redondo Beach, Hermosa Beach, Wilmington, Carson, Manhattan Beach, Gardena, Lawndale, Long Beach, Hawthorne, El Segundo, Compton, Inglewood, Los Angeles, Willowbrook, Playa Del Rey.