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Inspirational Speaker from Harrisburg, PA - Will travel up to 10 miles
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September 17, 1995... At a time when the average teenager is consumed with identity struggles and social acceptance, I was facing a criminal sentence of 25 years to life in a maximum security state prison facility for murder. The road to this horrific circumstance was paved with with insecurity, bullying, low self-esteem, frustration, defensiveness and a lack of understanding about feelings and effective communication. This lack of ability to identify and process my hurt and suffering finally led me to a catastrophic situation. I allowed myself to end up in a circumstance that resulted in a homicide. A young person lost their life because of my reluctance to deal with life on life's terms.

After almost a year of court proceedings, I was transferred to Pennsylvania's juvenile system and I remained under the Juvenile Court's supervision until my twenty first birthday. After spending nearly six years in a maximum security juvenile facility where I worked on discovering the origin of my catastrophic decision, becoming aware of my pain and learning how to process hurt and to feel empathy, as well as, learning to understand the devastating impacts of my decisions, I slowly earned the opportunity to be moved to a less restrictive facility in 2001. I spent the next year and a half acclimating to a new reality. I was released from incarceration after almost eight years and I immediately began applying all of the truths that I had internalized throughout my journey.

I remind myself, daily, of the obstacles that I have overcome and of the lives that I have destroyed. I now believe that my life is better spent healing than hurting others. I understand that I will never fully repair the damage that I have done, but I have chosen to continue to share my experience and truth with others. I hope that what I offer will inspire someone to open up and trust people to help them become a better human being. Hurt people hurt people and I want to help others understand that they have the power to end that cycle. My story provides hope and it might just inspire you to learn how to trust again and motivate you to build and re-build emotional bridges instead of walls!

A simple shift in your perspective will help you close the gap between your current emotional vulnerability and the courage to embrace the life that was meant to be yours. Accept this opportunity to be motivated and most importantly, inspired! I am a dynamic, engaging and genuine person. I love to laugh and I am very passionate about living life moment by moment, while learning how to maximize positive potential. I believe that life is too short to waste and I will attempt to help you crumble the walls of insanity that have imprisoned your happiness.

I am extremely appreciative for any opportunity to connect with people and my my goal is always to have a maximum impact on my audience. I currently live a very appreciative life and I have been fortunate enough to find employment working with kids who are in need of as much help as I was at their age. I have developed my own definition of success over the years and I am so thankful that I have the opportunity to strive for it. Thank you for your investment of time and interest! And I will leave you with one of my favorite quotes from Joseph Fort Newton...

"People are lonely because they build walls instead of bridges."

Building Bridges,
Dominic Roma
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