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Derek Deprey

Inspirational Speaker from Milwaukee, WI - Will travel up to 10 miles
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$2000 - $4000 per event
First and foremost, I'm a husband to my beautiful wife, Rachel, and I'm a proud father. We've been blessed with two curious and energetic daughters, Ellie and Mia, who constantly remind us of the simple joys in life.

Much of my day is spent as a General Manager for the Wisconsin Athletic Club (WAC) where I teach my staff the core principles of leadership, training, and personal development. Working at the WAC allows me to fulfill my passions – personal growth, wellness and building relationships – each day. I'm constantly given the opportunity to meet unique and talented people and spend my day with many people I'd consider friends. I'm so passionate about my work that it often doesn't even feel like work to me.

Shortly after becoming a GM at the WAC, I delved into the world of personal growth and development. I couldn't get enough of what I was studying, learning and applying, so much so that I created my own business, Move Results, as an avenue to engage and impact others. I feel that the best business to start is one that you need yourself. I just knew it was right because, still to this day, I go to bed and wake up every morning excited to pursue my business. It truly blends my day job and my dream job.

My diverse career endeavors also include Wisconsin Lutheran College and the John Maxwell Team. With the former, I'm an Adjunct Professor of Adult and Graduate Studies as well as an active member of the Alumni Board. With the latter, I partnered with the esteemed John Maxwell Team after years of being inspired by him. I personally use his teachings to enhance my productivity, development and decision-making skills. Saying that I like to keep myself involved and professionally connected is an understatement.

In my past life, I spent four years as a Video-Scout in the NBA with the Milwaukee Bucks and three years as an Assistant Basketball Coach in the NCAA with Marquette University and University of Utah. I am originally from Manitowoc, Wisconsin. I hold a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration from Wisconsin Lutheran College and a Master's Degree in Sport Management from the United States Sports Academy.

If there's anything I've learned in the past decade, it's that now is the time to build your career, to build your life, and to strategically work on laying the foundation to accomplish your dreams and prosper to your true potential. While there are many people who try to accomplish this, very few of them are given a blueprint of where to start; thus, I hope you will find me as your resource for getting your compass pointed in the right direction.

I am passionate about moving people to purposeful results. My overall core philosophy is simple – “move you, move others”. You have to move in order to accomplish anything.

At age 16, my first car was a 1988 manual five-speed stick shift Nissan Sentra. Today, I believe that each and every one of us must shift through five speeds in work and life to “move you, move others” towards success and happiness. Moves 1, 2, and 3 are all about moving you. Moves 4 and 5 are about moving others.

1. Move to Grow
2. Move to Live Well
3. Move to Connect
4. Move to Develop Others
5. Move to Be Teams

The move system never expires, not even in the tech savvy world that surrounds each of us today. Technology cannot change the move system. The moves are always trending. There is no phone app, and no short cuts that exist within the 5 moves.

Choose your moves carefully. These have worked wonders for me in my life, as well as others that I've taught these moves to over the years; however, it's also important to note that you should not feel limited by solely using these 5 moves. There are not necessarily only 5 moves. It all boils down to the person, the place, the situation, and other determining factors and variables that affect each unique situation. You can take a move away, or even add an additional move in certain scenarios. Personal growth and development must be personalized to each individual person, as there is no standardized, uniform formula for everyone. It's important to note that you must enjoy performing the moves. If you're moving, you're busy no matter what you're doing, so why not enjoy the moves that you're making? I constantly hear people complain of how busy they are, and each time I hear that I remind them that it's not the destination we should be striving for, it's enjoying the journey.
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Please note Derek Deprey will also travel to West Allis, Elm Grove, Greendale, Brookfield, Hales Corners, New Berlin, Saint Francis, Cudahy, Butler, Franklin, Oak Creek, South Milwaukee, Muskego, Menomonee Falls, Waukesha, Caledonia, Lannon, Big Bend, Mequon, Franksville, Germantown, Pewaukee, Sussex, Colgate, Merton, Waterford, Cedarburg, Hartland, Hubertus, Racine.