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star ratings

  • Did the GigMasters rating system change?

    Yes! Many GigMasters members suggested ways for us to improve our rating system, and we listened. On December 15, 2010, GigMasters changed the star rating system calculation so that it is now based solely on client reviews. We feel that the new system is much simpler because the number of stars directly reflects the client responses to the post-event survey. The star rating no longer includes booking dollars and number of bookings on the GigMasters site. The search results ranking score is still based on a combination of client reviews, booking dollars and number of bookings.

  • Does my star rating affect my search results ranking?

    When clients search the GigMasters site, they typically enter their event location and the category of entertainer or vendor (belly dancer, string quartet, etc.). The site returns a list that is the "best match" for the search. The "best match" order is calculated based on location, category, and the individual member's ranking score which is different than your star rating. However, clients can opt to change the sort order to be on rating (where distance is not a factor) or distance from the event (where rating is not a factor).

  • How do I get an icon which indicates how many events I have booked with GigMasters on my Profile?

    Once you've been booked for your 10th gig on GigMasters,the icon will be added to your Profile. The icon will change when you reach your 25th, 50th, 100th, 200th, 250th, and 500th bookings.

  • How is the GigMasters rating calculated?

    The GigMasters rating is calculated based on client reviews. After each event, the client receives a survey with questions about their experience with the GigMasters member that they booked. The post-event survey contains questions about professionalism, talent, and overall satisfaction. The answers to the survey questions are tallied and then averaged with previous reviews to calculate the actual star rating that appears on the member's Profile.

  • If I let my Membership expire, and then renew the same Membership at a later date, can I keep my previous rating?

    Yes! Since your rating is based on past client feedback, your rating will stay the same upon renewal.

  • If I let my Membership expire, and then renew the same Membership at a later date, will I be considered a 'New Member'?

    You are only classified as a 'New Member' for the first 90 days of your GigMasters Membership time period. Even if you renew at a later date, you won't be considered a 'New Member.'

  • What is the GigMasters 5-star rating system?

    The GigMasters' star rating system helps people find the best entertainment and vendors for their special events. Each GigMasters member who has been booked on our site has a rating based purely on the real reviews of actual clients. The maximum rating is 5-stars, and will always be displayed with the number of reviews that are calculated in that rating.

  • Where can I find out more about my star rating?

    For more information about your star rating, you can go to the Star Rating Analyzer, which can be found in the Member Control Panel, under the 'tools' tab.

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