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  • Can I change my Custom URL after I have created one?

    Yes, you can edit your Custom URL at any time. However, only the most current Custom URL will direct visitors to your GigMasters profile.

  • How do I change my category selections?

    To change the categories in which you are listed, view this video tutorial.

    Or take the following steps (Note: the number of categories you may choose is determined by what membership type - basic, professional, or gold that you purchased).

    1. Log securely into your Control Panel

    2. Go to the `Profile' tab.

    3. Click the "Edit" link for `Category Selections.'

    4. Make the necessary changes on the next page.

    5. Click the 'Update' button when finished.

  • How do I prevent an event from showing up in the 'Upcoming Appearances' or 'Past Appearances' section of my Profile?

    If you wish for a particular booking not to display on your public calendar, please take the following steps:

    1) Log into your Control Panel.

    2) Go to the 'gig calendar' tab.

    3) Click the button that says 'Modify/Delete Gig.'

    4) On the next page, select the date of the event and click the 'Submit' button.

    5) On the next page, un-check the 'Show On Public Calendar' box and click the 'Modify' button.

  • How do I set my Custom URL?

    A Pro/Gold GigMasters member may visit either their Dashboard or Profile tab to modify their Profile URLs. From your Dashboard tab, please click Edit URL under Your Profile. From your Profile tab, please click Edit next to Profile URL, under Additional Features.

    On the Edit URL page, you have the opportunity to edit your Extended and Custom URL. Your URL should reflect your profile name, using only letters, numbers and hyphens (-). Please refrain from using any inappropriate language.

    Once the URL is saved, you may begin to promote your GigMasters profile!

  • How long can my description be?

    Your description can be a maximum of 5000 characters. Descriptions exceeding 5000 characters will negatively affect the layout and appearance of your GigMasters Profile.

  • If I create a Custom URL, will the extended URL still bring visitors to my profile?

    Yes, both your Custom URL and the extended URL will direct clients to your GigMasters profile.

  • In my GigMasters Profile, can I include links to my email address, main website, or audio/video samples?

    No, GigMasters does not permit external links of any kind in your description field. All contact information (email address, phone number, and website address) is provided to clients when you respond to gig requests. If you are found with external links in your description once, the links will be removed. Twice, and you will be suspended from the GigMasters website. A third time, and you will be permanently removed.

  • What happens when a user visits my Custom URL?

    Upon visiting a Custom URL, the user will automatically see the URL in the browser change to your full, extended URL.

  • What is a Custom URL?

    A Custom URL can help you promote your GigMasters profile even more! We recommend sharing your Custom URL anywhere you promote your business online. Sharing your shorter URL will aid in directing more client traffic to your profile and ultimately lead to more leads and bookings!

    Please know that the Custom URL is a member benefit for Pro & Gold memberships only. If you're interested in upgrading your Basic membership, please feel free to contact our Sales team at (866) 342-9794 or

  • What is the 'Related Profiles' section of my profile?

    The 'Related Profile' section is an optional feature where you can have links to other GigMasters members' Profiles. This is particularly useful for members with multiple memberships. This feature is strictly optionally.

    To add another member to your 'Profile' section, please take the following steps:

    1. Log securely into your Control Panel.

    2. Go to the `Profile' tab.

    3. Click the 'Edit' link for 'Related Profile'.

    4. Enter the first few letters of the member's name and click 'Search'.

    5. On the next page, check off the member that you want to add, and click 'Update'.

  • What will happen if I renew or downgrade to a Basic Membership?

    When a Pro/Gold member downgrades to a Basic Membership, their Custom URL will be removed from their account. Custom URLs are a benefit only to members who hold a Pro/Gold membership level.

  • What will happen to the Custom URL if my membership expires?

    When your Pro/Gold membership expires, the member has a 30-day grace period to reactivate their account without losing their Custom URL. After 30 days, the Custom URL becomes public and another Pro/Gold member may set the Custom URL as their own.

  • Why is the Custom URL I input not available?

    When a Custom URL is not available it means that another Pro/Gold member is currently using that Custom URL for their profile.

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