Phila Vocia

Comedian from Atlantic City, NJ - Will travel up to 70 miles
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$150 - $1000 per event
Phila Vocia Presents Comedy Satire and Audience Participation a Fun Packed Show

Highly recommended for parties or events where the guest of honor (birthday person, award winner, retirement party etc.) and most of the audience are over 35 years old.
Perfect for a fun loving get together or a group of people from the workforce.

I recommend that the host and guests speak English.

We can include audience participation in the form of games that i supply and questions and answers. More like a recital than stand up comedy, the comedy does occur when listening to Phila's take on many social aspects in life that she observes.

Click on the Movie "Cut" graphic above and also see Phila Vocia's Comedy Satire Recitals at her website see her YouTube Channel to hear clips from her comedy shows and a video audio book from her latest book, A Baby Boomer's Bedtime Story, To the Moon and Back. Hear all the fun about socializing with family friends and coworkers with satiric flair! Then take heart "the Gamers" are on the way in the segment, Gameness. It's a funny piece about the Video Game Industry. Phila gives you the words to make "corporate culpables" run for cover. Funny foibles, humor and truth about the American workforce including corporate culpables, road rage, the Aunt's pumpkin pie recipe, baby boxes and more, will make you chuckle if not laugh out loud.

She can also adapt some of the recital to include your personal details, such as a person's birthday, name of your town and mention your event in a polite sincere and whimsical way.

Here are the show's possibilities. Based on the time you purchase, we can, on a phone call, tailor fit a show to meet your needs. The Games and The Question and Answer session can be longer if you don't pick all of the segments.

Audience Participation: Phila brings the game supplies and prizes. It can be 15, 30, 45 Minutes, up to 60 Minutes. Audience participation where paper airplanes turn into paper balls and 5 audience members number and fold 5 airplanes and send them into the audience. The 5 people in the audience who catch the paper balls win a prize that I supply which will be a novelty or sundry item. And the 5 persons who sent/flew the paper planes into the audience also receive a prize in the order of which paper plane flew the furthest. Remember the plane will be rolled into a ball so no one will get hurt. 10 people get prizes and everyone gets a lot of laughs.

A Question and Answer Session: It can be 15, 30, 45 Minutes, up to 60 Minutes. I can suggest topics based on my view of the world or set a tone like: What is the first chore you want to do when you wake up tomorrow? And I would call on people and also bring humor to them in my "comeback" line. I can tailor fit it to your audience.

Gamness 8 minutes

Phila Vocia Comedy 7 Minutes

Pumpkin Pie Recipe

Are You Purple Prone 2 Minutes

Phila Describe it Again: Whimsy 4 Minutes

Phila clearly can bring you to smile because she mentions things you may have experienced and you come away feeling like, yeah, wow, it's not that bad after all. The show appeals to people of all ages.

A clean satire, comedy show, Phila has been in the workforce for all of her life and has seen it all! No surprises, the show has no profanity, curse words, lewd remarks or off color subjects. Though the comedy industry is full of that, she keeps her show moving with humor that brings life to everyday foibles.

15 Minute Show ----------------------- $150.00 plus Travel if it Applies
30 Minute Show ----------------------- $200.00 plus Travel if it Applies
45 Minute Show ----------------------- $250.00 plus Travel if it Applies
60 Minute Show ----------------------- $300.00 plus Travel if it Applies

The show prices are for up to one hour but if you want Phila to stay longer to socialize with your group then then the following extra charges apply for the time.
After 60 Minutes, Extra 30 minutes add $25.00 per additional half hour plus Travel if it Applies

If the show is within 70 miles the following travel expenses apply.
00 to 40 Miles add $00.00 for Travel
41 to 60 Miles add $20.00 for Travel
61 to 70 Miles add $25.00 for Travel

The comedy video clip provided with my profile, is also available at YouTube along with my other Clips.
Also see Phila's Comedy Website and or her Comedy YouTube Channel, search Phila Vocia on YouTube

Phila is also the owner of ColorSass a YouTube Channel see it there. If you can, subscribe at ColorSass over at Phila's website In-between doing comedy, she brings a little color to the world. They are 1 to 2 Minute videos about color with sound effects and images. It's fun! Phila authored, Baggy the Sea Squid, Save the Oceans. You can see it at her website. Help Phila Save the Oceans.

All inquiries are answered.
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Please note Phila Vocia will also travel to Linwood, Oceanville, Leeds Point, Pomona, Cologne, New Gretna, Tuckahoe, Elwood, South Seaville, Dennisville, Brigantine, Mizpah, South Dennis, Ventnor City, Margate City, Goshen, Longport, Port Elizabeth, Dorchester, Mauricetown, Ocean City, Winslow, Barnegat Light, Northfield, Whitesboro, Green Creek, Pleasantville, Somers Point, Egg Harbor Township, Cedar Brook.
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