As a child, it’s easy to be a little bummed to have a winter birthday. Weather usually limits the party options, which can seem like a real party pooper. But, with a little creativity (and awesome entertainment), winter birthdays can be just as cool as warm weather celebrations. Most winter parties must be held indoors due to the frosty weather. If you have the room, the most cost effective party venue is always your own home. Not to mention when you host the party at the old homestead, you will save money (that you can then use for entertainment and activities, wink wink).

When hosting a winter party at home, there are a few fun and unique entertainment options that could work with several party themes. For instance, bringing in an airbrush t-shirt artist is a fun idea for any indoor winter party. You can have the artist prepare for the party with designs that will go with your theme (Winter Wonderland, Elmo, Star Wars, Princess, etc). Then kids get to help create their very own t-shirt that they can take home with them. If you are hosting a party for older kids, hiring a caricaturist to draw each guest with a background that matches the party theme is a great party idea and will make for a wonderful keepsake/party favor. Just make sure the party guests are age appropriate for this activity (and will be able to sit still for a brief period of time during the drawing process). Magicians and balloon twisters also make for great indoor entertainment options and fit with virtually every party theme. You can also use the winter weather to your advantage and make it a party activity.

If snow happens to be in the forecast for your party date, remember that every kid loves a sledding party. When the kids are done playing in the snow, you can help warm them up afterwards with a fabulous hot cocoa bar (a very popular winter party trend). If your house just can’t accommodate all of the party guests, or you don’t want that kind of cleanup, you can always look to host the event at a local indoor play space, ice skating rink or sports complex. Most places offer party packages and will handle a majority of the party details. Always a good option when you are looking for a stress-free party.

What other winter party ideas do you have? Please share them in the comments below.