If a woman isn't interested in wedding planning, she usually has a friend, sister or mother who will willingly steer the ship for her. But, if a guy isn't interested, or, is interested but isn't well-informed. He's stuck. His friends probably don't want to talk about it, he can't ask his mother for fear of offending his fiancée, and he doesn't want to get caught at work looking at a pink and teal website. This is kind of a problem for those of us in wedding entertainment, because, that's one area that guys are frequently asked to research. But if the guy doesn't know anything about weddings, or where to start, he might have trouble finding the wedding band or DJ of his dreams.

That's why I was so excited to learn that my favorite UK grooms' site I Am Staggered, now has a U.S. specific site. This tongue-in-cheek, or cheeky as the Brits might say, site brings a refreshingly down to earth approach to weddings aimed squarely at grooms.

The U.S. site definitely has an American "accent." For example, the motto of the UK site is "Weddings, Blokes, Sorted." The motto of the U.S. site is "Weddings, Men, Solved," but it definitely retains its British brother's sense of humor with headlines like "You Are Stupid if You Propose Like This."

With info for everyone from the best man to the father of the groom, as well as vendor listings and ideas on everything from the proposal to the bachelor party to the honeymoon, I Am Staggered is one stop browsing for guys who wouldn't be caught dead on a bridal site.