Today is Cinco de Mayo. Originally a celebration of Mexican victory over French forces at the Battle of Puebla in 1862 (thanks Wikipedia, like we all didn't know that), today it's generally seen as a celebration of Mexican culture and heritage, and an excuse to drink Corona. But, couples who want to honor their Mexican heritage on Cinco de Mayo, or any day, have no shortage of great ways to do so. 

Ceremonies - Although it originated in Spain, the arras or wedding coins have also become associated with Mexican weddings. In this ceremony, the groom gives the bride 13 gold coins, symbolizing that he'll take care of her. During the lazo ceremony, the bride and groom are literally lassoed together.

Mariachi Music - The signature sound of a Mariachi Band is distinctively Mexican, and incredibly fun for dancing.  The word "mariachi" actually comes from the French word for "marriage," so there's no better fit for your big day.  A big band of violinists, trumpet players and acoustic guitar guarantees a jubilant reception.

Latin DJ -Hiring a Latin DJ gives you a huge advantage; an experienced DJ will know Mexican music inside and out.  They should be able to  mix things up to keep everyone happy, from the little kids to the Abuelitas.

Latin Dancers - Mexico has a rich dance history, with different styles originating in the country's different regions.  Find Mexican dancers who represent your background or can perform several different dances of Mexico.

If all of these ideas sound a little "too mas" but you'd still like to honor your heritage, consider a first dance to Besame Mucho, a Spanish language toast or blessing at the meal,  or wearing a mantilla lace veil to make a subtle (and stylish) nod to your heritage.

No matter what your heritage, you can start your search for wedding entertainment here.