Santa And Mrs Claus

Santa Claus from Onalaska, WI - Will travel up to 10 miles
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Santa and Mrs. Claus

Santa History
Santa and Mrs. Claus began their acting careers 5 years ago. We had always wanted to become these famous Christmas characters, so had beautiful red velvet suits made and began one house at a time.

We had seen so many intolerable Santa's with terrible red suits, and scruffy yellow grey beards, poor personalities and an inability to make any connection with the child or the family. We said, "Enough, we will do it." We wanted to look like the real Santa out of the children's books. We are a joyful couple and certainly wanted to act like the joyful Santa and Mrs.Claus by smiling and ringing our bells. Mrs. Claus adds a wonderful dimension not only for pictures but to aid in conversation with the child and also steering problems away before they may happen. The two of us make the Santa experience glorious for parents too.

We have enjoyed all of our appearances over the last 5 years. We love the planned visits to personal homes the best. Arriving at a home prior to Christmas is a real surprise for the kids. WE have a set time for arrival and may hide presents in our Santa bag that the parent put outside for us to give. Because it is before Christmas the present might be small. Then once we are ready, we stand about 20 feet from the front door and begin shaking our numerous sleigh bells outside in the yard. This alerts the family we are here. The door opens and you hear children gasp followed by "Santa is here!" which creates lasting memories. We excel at creating magical memories when we have that quiet intimate time. We are aided with specific information memorized ahead of time that only Santa would know. Numerous times older children on the edge of believing are heard saying "they are the real ones otherwise how would they have known that?" We provide ample time for family pictures of videos to be taken.

We have also been called upon for family celebrations, work place parties, Christmas events, weddings, and of course day cares and nursing homes. We enjoy these visits also. Our entrance and beautiful costumes light up a room along with the sound of our many sets of bells. We are set for anything to occur in these group situations including dancing, speaking or leading sing a-longs. Pictures are just part of the job. We have been caught off guard at parties where suddenly we have cue cards handed to us and are expected to lead the celebration.

We are trained to know that we must keep conversations with children we randomly meet focused on generic topics. Families have varied traditions which we want to respect. Our main goal in these types of visits is to have the child realize we remember them and that they are so special. WE may talk about their shoes or that we saw them having so much fun this summer, to that we need them to help us remember the reindeer names. Many kids will sit quiet and not look at Santa but will talk with Mrs. Claus as Santa's beard may be too threatening. We also do not ask them their name or what they want for Christmas, or if Santa comes in the morning or at night because we already know being Santa and Mrs. Claus. Somehow through other conversational tricks and perhaps a little help from parents we fool them
We have found that frightened children do better if they can just watch us for awhile and get over the shock of red and white. Parents who don't push and are quiet letting us do our job will have better pictures. If a child can come away from meeting us with a belief we wanted to see them and think they are great, we win and so do they.

Are you good with children?
We both have recently retired from our full time positions. We had worked at a private school for children with autism and challenging behaviors for over 25 years. Santa was CEO and Mrs. Claus was a nurse. Our experience working directly with the children and various families seasoned us to be able to redirect and guide awkward situations so the child is a winner. We also share three grown children and four grandchildren we adore.

We are retirement but thought would be fun now to expand on our Santa adventures over the Christmas season. We have traveled and plan to do more now that we are free of set work responsibilities. Some of the places we have enjoyed traveling (without our Santa gear on) are to Spain, India, Egypt, Australia, and New Zealand along with many other great spots.

What we do not do-
We do not wear red all year and do not belong to Santa clubs. We only zip open protective costume bags during the Christmas season.
Santa has a real groomed white beard under his full white fake beard. We do not have white hair in real life however when we are Santa and Mrs. we do have white hair.
We usually succeed with all children who are not pushed on us by an excited parent.
We prefer to have an earlier booking time for parties where alcohol is being served
We have not gotten urinated on or vomited on which we feel is monumental!

We are open to opportunities we may be presented with during the Christmas season.
Booking price will vary depending on type of event, distance, air and lodging costs, expectations.

Our goal is to create magical memories for your Christmas.

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