Encounter The Paranormal: Live For Your Party!

Psychic from Niagara Falls, NY - Will travel up to 100 miles
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$300 - $1000 per event
Do you enjoy things that go bump in the night?
Do you enjoy a good scary movie?
Do you like the idea of exploring the supernatural?

If you are looking for entertainment that is something out of the ordinary, you've definitely come to the right place. Here at "Encounter The Paranormal," we specialize in delivering spine-tingling entertainment for holiday parties, anniversaries, social gatherings, birthday parties, and other private occasions.

Why We Developed These Programs…

Most of us enjoy being frightened when we know we are safe, such as going to the movies and seeing frightening images on the movie screen.
Until now, the only way to experience 'live' the thrills of ghostly encounters or paranormal experiences was to visit your local haunted house around Halloween time. While walking through a haunted house and having people wearing rubber masks jump out from the dark yelling "BOO!" is certainly startling, it simply does not capture the same thrill as an emotionally gripping scary movie that really draws you in!

A well done, effective scary movie pulls you into the action on an emotional level and at some point on a subconscious level, you start to feel like you're really a part of the story.

THAT'S what we set out to create.

As the name of this page suggests, we specialize in frightening, live interactive entertainment that is designed to startle your guests, and give them the same thrill we all get by going to see a scary movie such as "Paranormal Activity," "The Grudge" or "The Ring" in the movie theater.

Experience Live Ghostly Encounters In Your Event…

Our goal was to enable guests to experience the same thrills and goosebumps as going to the movie theater, but to deliver it live - in their homes or at their live events!

We offer several different styles of programs to fit your theme, group size and much more. The intensity level of the programs varies greatly from our informative "Tales From Beyond" program all the way to our serious and intense, frightening signature event, "Encounter The Paranormal."

Here are some details on each…


Our signature event, "Encounter The Paranormal" is an authentic recreation of an actual Victorian-era séance. Guests gather around a table and explore the true-life history of a famous murderer. The guests will have the opportunity to uncover their own psychic ability, discover the true nature of the murderer and contact the spirit world.

While we make no claims as to whether or not the contact with spirits is legitimate, we CAN assure you that strange things WILL happen. Your guests will come away from the event convinced that something unexplainable has occurred and that maybe… just maybe, they've made contact with the spirit world.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to the frightening nature of this program, it is NOT recommended for any guests younger than 16.


This show gives viewers background and details on several different strange and bizarre true-life events. The program is presented with the performer standing in front of the group. With each subject presented, something strange and apparently supernatural will occur.

"Tales From Beyond," part education, part spook-show, part-X-Files, is a historically educational presentation on topics such as:

* The Sinking of the Titanic
* The Lizzie Borden Murders
* Jack the Ripper
* The Truth About Voodoo
* The History of Shrunken Heads
* Exposing the Truth of Spiritualism
* And MUCH more!

During this presentation, your group will handle artifacts, participate in strange discoveries and much more. Based as it is in the strange and bizarre, "Tales From Beyond" is designed to inspire audiences to investigate these topics further...stimulating them to read, not because they have to but because they want to!

"Tales From Beyond" is loaded with audience participation, strange and spooky happenings, and enough thrills and chills to guarantee this show will be a hit with teens, young adults and ghost hunters in your area!

Protected By Our One-Of-A-Kind Money-Back Guarantee…

If your group does not fully enjoy the program, don't pay for it. It's that simple! By the way, in 15 years of performing for audiences of all sizes all across North America, no one has ever taken us up on it.
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Please note Encounter The Paranormal: Live For Your Party! will also travel to Niagara University, QUEENSTON, Lewiston, Model City, Stella Niagara, Grand Island, Sanborn, VIRGIL, NIAGARA ON THE LAKE, North Tonawanda, Youngstown, PORT ROBINSON, Ransomville, Tonawanda, ST CATHARINES, STEVENSVILLE, Buffalo, FONTHILL, WELLAND, FORT ERIE, Getzville, RIDGEVILLE, RIDGEWAY, THUNDER BAY, CRYSTAL BEACH, Wilson, East Amherst, JORDAN STATION, Lockport, PORT COLBORNE.
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