Travis Daigle, TEDx Speaker | Veteran Green Beret

Motivational Speaker from Tacoma, WA - Will travel up to 500 miles

$500 - $2000 per event
My efficacy as a speaker hinges on my ability to connect/empathize with the challenges that my audiences face. While individual life experiences can be very different, we will all feel anxiety, fear, insecurity, apathy, and other mental/emotional difficulties as we face challenges in our personal lives, organizations, and the world as a whole. It's my diversity of personal experience that sets me apart from many speakers: Overcoming childhood obesity, working my way out of debt, studying hard to become an Electrical Engineer, and battling to become a US Army Green Beret and Combat Veteran. I tell real world stories of massive challenges overcome and give practical mental strategies from lessons learned... All wrapped up in a Charismatic Delivery.

My core messages center around embracing 3 Principles of Freedom:


Fundamentals Win Fights

In combat, the difference between life and death seems to come down to seconds, inches, and moments of decision. However, it's not what happens in a particular moment in a fight that determines victory. It's the culmination of the choices made in daily tasks over the weeks, months, and years that precede that moment, that determine the outcomes. In this harrowing story of narrow victory on the battlefield, former US Army Green Beret, Travis Daigle, articulates the power of doing simple things well. Every Battle has it's fundamental tasks that lead to success. Travis teaches the mental tools needed to turn the simple tasks of life into stepping stones to victory.

"I first heard Travis Daigle speak at the TEDx event held in November 2018; I was immediately captured by his humble and authentic style. His approach is very engaging – he is real and likeable, and his message is powerful. We all need to overcome adversity at some point, and he provides you with the tools to be successful. I knew Travis would be well-received in our organization, but what I really appreciated about him was that he adapted well to our needs. He is not a one-message presenter. Travis is passionate about making a contribution, and works collaboratively. I will definitely use his skills again in our organization." - Charlie Davis, President and CEO - YMCA Pierce/Kitsap Counties


Face The Mountain

At 10 years old, Travis Daigle found himself very overweight, severely lacking in self-confidence, and tired of the persistent bullying he faced at school. Losing weight and getting in shape can be a daunting challenge for many adults and very few people seem to find the will to be successful at the task. But as a young child, Travis found the courage to take complete ownership of his health. Weighing over 300 lbs at one point, former US Army Green Beret, Travis Daigle, knows what it is to face a seemingly insurmountable challenge. In this presentation he conveys the potency of an 'ownership mindset' in allowing us to see success in the face of adversity.

"Your talk was especially relatable; your tone and presence putting the audience at ease. Thank you for your openness and inspiring talk.
We know your time is valuable and we sincerely appreciate for your time and energy in preparing to speak. Your talk undoubtedly left a lasting impression on the audience and we believe that everyone walked away inspired to bridge the gap; both within themselves and within their community." - TEDx Steering Committee


Empty The Bucket

A Repossessed Car, A Failed Marriage Engagement, An Eviction from an Apartment, The Forfeiture of a High Paying Job as an Engineer, and at the lowest point, Suicidal Thoughts. Travis had done everything right and gained all the trappings of success at 23 years old; only to lose it all within a couple of years. By all external accounts he had failed… Or, had he gained some vital insights about life? In a story that feels like an emotional rollercoaster, former US Army Green Beret, Travis Daigle, recants his journey of getting back on his feet after walking away from the Engineering Job he had worked so hard to attain. He helps us understand why failure and success go hand in hand.

"I witnessed Travis address FBS football coaches and student-athletes at Indiana University with a story about courage in the face of fear. Specifically, he spoke about overcoming his fear of water in the process of becoming a US Army Special Forces Soldier. His personal story is incredibly powerful and his ability to make that story relatable to his audience is phenomenal. This enables him to connect and inspire across cultural barriers. This skill is invaluable in collegiate football environments where teams of 120+ coaches/athletes, from all different backgrounds, must coalesce around one mission in a narrow space of time." - Eric Kapitulik, CEO and Founder, The Program, LLC
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Please note Travis Daigle, TEDx Speaker | Veteran Green Beret will also travel to Steilacoom, University Place, Wauna, Anderson Island, Burley, Fox Island, Spanaway, Du Pont, Olympia, Puyallup, Gig Harbor, Milton, Federal Way, Longbranch, Longmire, Paradise Inn, Lakebay, Retsil, Burton, Gorst, Graham, South Colby, Southworth, Manchester, Mcmillin, Pacific, Roy, Auburn, Lacey, Mckenna.
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