Mary T. O'Sullivan

Motivational Speaker from North Kingstown, RI - Will travel up to 100 miles
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Are you knowledgeable, ambitious, and working hard, but find yourself struggling to advance your career and manage a healthy work-life balance? Are you too young to retire, too old to be promoted, and feeling burned out? Are you a confident professional who is now unsure of your next steps? Are you an experienced leader who suddenly finds leadership more challenging than ever? You deserve to move forward, get past obstacles and reach success through awareness, mindfulness and stress reduction. Discover the easiest way for you to grow without risk in a safe environment. Because I use proven, results oriented methods, you save time, learn to increase your effectiveness, help improve your health and well being, and find new ways to love your what you do. Are you ready to leverage your own years of experience and the investment your employer has made in your education and training? Learn how to plan now for your new future within the company or on a new path.

Under utilizing high potential talent can waste financial resources and erode employee morale. I teach leaders and executives how to best implement employee development and engagement techniques — creating a beneficial experience for both employers and employees.We'll partner to determine what issues are most important to you and how to create the best solutions. On the phone or in person, each session is tailored toward your specific needs. You set the agenda. A great, cost effective way to discover what coaching can do for you. Tackle issues as you're guided through each session, and benefit from the support of others in a group.

Yes, this is that time of year when companies think of paring expenses. And just what do you think costs companies in the United States more than anything else? That's right, you! People are the most expensive item on a company's balance sheet. So, don't take it personally, it's just business that turns hundreds of people into corporate refugees.

What can you do to prepare for this career downturn? Number one, no matter how bad things are at your job, don't quit unless you already have another job lined up and you can just give your two weeks notice and quietly exit with a smile on your face. If you see the handwriting on the wall, and you sense layoffs are in your future, start to plan for your exit. Don't make waves, because large corporations offer useful benefits to many of their laid off employees, and you don't want to be terminated before picking up those bennies. First of all, you may be entitled to a severance package, complete with other perks such as free outplacement center services, including resume and cover letter help, along with executive coaching. These perks can be invaluable to you if you want to land on your feet. Also, some companies may offer other benefits such as tuition reimbursement programs and low cost professional headshots to proudly display on your new resume and LinkedIn Profile pages. Furthermore, the company has invested in you. You now have years of training and experience you otherwise would not have had for free. Regardless of your relationship with the company, you will always have those certificates and awards you earned while in their employ, and all the specialized the knowledge you gained from working there.

If you've already quit in a huff, and have no plan B, your choice are a bit more limited, but you still have options. While you wait to recover your “dream” job, take any employment you can find to bring in a paycheck. You may have been a waiter in college or worked in retail. See if you fit back into those roles for now. You may need to work two jobs to keep up with the bills, but at least you won't be without money coming in, and you'll preserve some semblance of your dignity. All the while, you are continuing to define what it is you want to do in your future, and making plans to do it. Maybe your next step requires some additional training or formal education. In between jobs is a great time to take care of investing in yourself.

There is also the chance that you may want to start your own business. Looking into what is offered by your local chamber of commerce and small business administration is of great value for new entrepreneurs. Your former company taught you a lot of skills, you may be able to apply them in your own business. Or maybe you have a hobby that you can expand into a small business. Now is your chance to explore those options.

Join me as I discuss these issues and other career challenges, because you don't want another great opportunity to pass you by!
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Please note Mary T. O'Sullivan will also travel to Saunderstown, Jamestown, Slocum, Kingston, Newport, Peace Dale, East Greenwich, Narragansett, Wakefield, Middletown, Prudence Island, West Kingston, Exeter, Portsmouth, Carolina, Kenyon, Shannock, Warwick, West Greenwich, West Warwick, Wyoming, Bristol, Charlestown, Coventry, Fiskeville, Little Compton, Wood River Junction, Barrington, Adamsville, Cranston.
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