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Inspirational Speaker from East Lansing, MI - Will travel up to 10 miles
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My name is Ashley James I am 29 years old. I am the mother of two children Ariyana and Maurice Benson II, I am a resident of Lansing born and raised. Proud of my roots and even the difficult road through childhood and adolescence, it has inspired my story and changed my life for the better. My evolution mentally as a young woman, mother and the eldest of 11 siblings, and a sister of 8 others in my adopted family has humbled me. I am committed to saving the lives of mothers, children victim of molestation or rape, domestic abuse, drug abuse, homelessness and all the forms of poverty that live in my city every single day.
I am a graduate and player of J.W. Sexton High school, also played collegiate basketball for Lansing Community College and Indiana Tech of Fort Wayne, IN in the years 2003-2007. I was invited to play in Italy for the Women's USA Basketball team in 2007 but could not attend that year due to me expecting my first child. Since that year of 2007, I began to lose desire and passion for myself, I was faced with a crossroads and surrounded by influences that discouraged the very thought of furthering my career in professional basketball at the tender age of 22.

At that point in my life I drifted into environments, people and situations that only pushed me further away from myself and my dream. I was desperate for a mentor, some instruction or insight on life to just understand or even hear my cry for help. I once had a purpose, I once had a dream to be the first girl in the NBA, as any other young tom boy like myself would, and it felt lifeless…. There was no support where I was from, not in my home, not in my family….I'm sure it wasn't by intention I was aware and still am as I type this that people have only enough energy to care about themselves……I finally understand the reason why I never had the support and mentorship that I needed or even close to it…My family, my parents, my influences, the adults connected to us, were all victim of the same process or similar. We were all missing instruction, direction and life lessons that could steer us away from the poverty, environment and mentality of our worst attitudes and habits. PNGG Message is to take our own generational leaders within the communities and help our own find the resources they need to be successful as young adults and our future leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs.

We need those that care about the lives being lost every day to the poverty mentality many of youth and young adults are facing that are the root of the very issues that make the news in our poorest communities every day.

Unite our nation and future leaders young and old, wealthy or impoverished to peacefully gain understanding of the true solution to the chaos in the world today. Our generation is suffering the crippling affects of our past generations stereotypes and prejudice because of the differences and lack of understanding of one another. More importantly the attitude or approach from many of our current leaders and officials used toward the future generation to address the social issues such as gun violence, drug abuse and poverty.

There is an absence of self-determination and ambition in loving one another among the current generations, PNGG is determined to spread a message of faith and recognizing our past and present inspirations in all industries of influence business, music and sports. We are determined to be heard, we are the future innovators and leaders of our time, help us save the young lives of our future generation.

I am dedicated to making a difference in the lives of those who need it most, our future generation, our youth!I am in pursuit of launching a national initiative - Youth Mentoring and Success Program for a nation of at risk youth; collaborating with many community leaders, professionals and educators across the country tackling major social issues and providing resources to redirect our troubled youth's lives through personal development, athletics,creative arts and education. During this process we are filming each step to this launch, the reality of these issues and why the rest of the world needs to know about it. We will be interviewing and connecting with professionals, athletes, entertainers and major influences of our generation and using their stories and journey to success to inspire a new attitude towards the future.

Project Next Generation Group- Represents those who are willing to step into a movement to lead our future generations into a brighter future. Project Next Generation Group Represents the future in all aspects of the word, we are the voice of our generation.....
Inspirational Speaker
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Please note A'jai Necole will also travel to Lansing, Okemos, Bath, Haslett, Holt, Dewitt, Dimondale, Shaftsburg, Williamston, Mason, Laingsburg, Grand Ledge, Perry, Potterville, Webberville, Dansville, Eagle, Eaton Rapids, Morrice, Saint Johns, Ovid, Leslie, Onondaga, Westphalia, Charlotte, Fowlerville, Fowler, Mulliken, Owosso, Pewamo.
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