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Hypnotist from Los Angeles, CA - Will travel up to 3000 miles
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Your show was GREAT. It was a blast. The best hypnotist show I think we’ve ever had! I’d LOVE to book you for a show at the beginning of the school year. - John Gordon - Director of Student Activities - Faulkner University

David Bryan Smith is America's Gentleman Hypnotist - Ormond McGill - Dean of American Hypnotists.

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I hire many entertainers, and David Bryan Smith was easily the most professional performer I've used. His hypnosis show is unique and funny! With a great personality, he really put my clients at ease. He explained a little about hypnosis, easily got volunteers, and no one felt like he was making fun of them. In fact, the volunteers all said they had a great time and felt wonderful! His close up magic was a blast – the rubber band magic is AMAZING! And David made it really easy for me. He arrived on time, with his own sound equipment, and was very flexible when we had issues at the venue. I hope to use David again soon! He made me look good!

-Lee S, 10/3/2009, Corporate Function, Atlanta, GA
Overall Satisfaction:
5.0 stars
5.0 stars
5.0 stars
Overall Talent:
5.0 stars
5.0 stars

Gig ID#: 604883

What an amazing performance. My client's were very pleased and hence so was I. David's show was a Cut Above any others I have seen and I've seen many Hypnotists. The Fire Segment was very daring and entertaining. He didn't make anyone "Look Foolish" during the main Hypnotism part of the show but had the whole audience laughing and having fun. Truly a gentleman and very skilled at his craft. This was a very staid group but they had a blast!! I highly recommend "David Bryan Smith - America's Gentleman Hypnotist". I will be using him again. Thank you David for making my job easier and giving me a Happy Customer. Yours, Bob S. - Event Planner

-Bob S, 9/30/2009, Corporate Function, Atlanta, GA

You’ve Found it!!

If you’ve been looking for a hypnotist to make your next event Spectacular – David Bryan Smith – Americas Gentleman Hypnotist is the answer. Imagine your guests performing as comedy actors doing made up improv on the spot unleashing waves of laughter from everyone in the audience. David does a modern hypnosis show that is a cross between “Who’s Line is it Anyway” and “Americas Funniest Home videos” with a smidgin of “So you think you can Dance” thrown in.

10 reasons Why you should hire Dave over other entertainment even other hypnotists.

1- Dave’s show is clean and audience friendly. Ever hired a band or DJ that played inappropriate music or said something inappropriate over the mic?

2- Dave’s show is self contained with sound system, wireless mics and remote music system so it’s turn key event. Ever hire a group only to get the rider that included more staging and production than the budget allows or have to pay lodging and meals for a crew?

3- Dave’s show is funny and filled with appropriate humor. Dave is a naturally funny guy and loves stand up comedy. Ever hire someone who seemed funny only to have them go off on a tangent or suggestive material?

4- Dave is a professional Stage Hypnotist and clinical hypnotherapist. He is well trained and trains other hypnotists on stagecraft, using humor, and being imaginative in presentations. Why take a chance – Dave wrote the book on creative stage hypnosis routines called “101 creative routines for Stage Hypnotist” (catchy title huh!)

5- Dave travels nation wide. If you want the best, we will travel to you.

6- Dave provides marketing materials. If your event is for a college or University or is a fundraiser or if you just need to promote the event, Dave makes it easy with templates for posters, table tents, and ads plus Dave is available for press parties and radio and TV interviews. Dave wants to make your event a success. Every have an event where no one came? How was your promotion?

7- Dave loves what he does and it shows in professionalism and attitude. Dave works for you and has a great attitude! Ever get a pre-madona artist, one that must have everything their way or they can’t leave the world behind and take their troubles into their performance. A bad attitude can make a great starting event a chore for everyone involved.

8- Dave is constantly updating his show. Dave is so creative, he thinks of funny stuff all the time and integrates these great ideas into his shows so you can have Dave back year after year and have a fresh show. Some acts go for years without updating their act or worse do old routines from decades ago that are no longer appropriate or funny. Hear any good Pinto Jokes lately, or Steve Irwin jokes.

9- Dave respects his guests onstage and does not lay them on top of each other or have them writhe on the dirty stage floor like gators or animals or frying bacon. Many other hypnotist lay people on top of each other or worse lay them out on the dirty stage floor. Would you want to be the one who hires the hypnotist who lays out the CEO on the dirty stage floor or has them laying on top of other employees?

10- Dave is a Gentleman in all manner of personal and business relations. His main goal is to make your event spectacular and easy to have. Ever get a rude band member, or have a unprofessional DJ.

And Finally Dave block books and gives a discounts for multiple shows in the same area and for fundraisers, University shows and club dates. We make it affordable to have quality entertainment and will work with your budget. We like return engagements.

Americas Gentleman Hypnotist – Your answer for making your next event spectacular!

Stage Hypnosis is the ultimate in live interactive entertainment. Imagine your friends and colleagues as amazing actors doing made up skits on the spot with spontaneous humor and funny lines. David Bryan Smith does a modern hypnosis show that is fast paced, funny, cleaver and clean. You will be amazed at how easy the show goes, how much fun you and your guests have and how many compliments you get for your role in such a fantastic event. This is the ultimate reality show and David is a master at leading his guests on stage to their highest and best performances so the audience will shower them with praise and applause and everyone has a fantastic time.

David Bryan Smith is a professional hypnotist and entertainer from Atlanta Ga. with over 30 years experience. David has been a favorite at corporate events, colleges, festivals, fairs, comedy clubs and private events.

There many differences in David’s show and any other hypnotist.

First and foremost is that David is a naturally funny guy with a spontaneous sense of humor that is never harsh or inappropriate. He uses no blue material. Period! He takes great precautions to insure that no one embarrasses themselves or acts inappropriate.

Secondly is that David is a very skilled and talented hypnotist with certifications from 4 national and international hypnosis organizations. He is highly trained and exceptionally creative and able to customize a show to fit your needs, budget and client theme.

To quote Dave, “I feel that everyday things are funny if presented in the right context and there is no need to go into an area that makes some people uncomfortable. Humor is all around us. Sometimes all it takes is a look, a gesture or the right word to make something ordinary - extraordinary. I love to laugh and I love to make people laugh and forget their cares. That’s why I love the hypnosis show. I can bring out the best in people and show their friends that they have a sense of humor and can give my guests onstage some positive suggestions that they can take with them after the show and use in their every day life. How often do you get to encourage people with just a few “Magic Words.” I love my job and I hope to see you at a show soon.”

David Bryan Smith is America's Gentleman Hypnotist - Ormond McGill - Dean of American Hypnotists.
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Birthday Party (Adult)

Overall Talent

David is very accommodating, talented, and provided a great show for our birthday party! We give him 2 thumbs up!

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