Derrick Taylor

Hip-Hop Singer from Republic, PA - Will travel up to 500 miles
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$500 - $5000 per event

Goverment name is Taekwon Derrick Commodore
Born in Uniontown pa @ uniontown hospital on march. 10 .1988 ,
rised in republic pennsylvania went to Brownsville Area High school
well i been writing music sents the age of 12 i remember when i was in elemtary
school them big tablets they used to give us i used to write songs in them in go back to school in always tell my teacher i lost mine so its clear that i been tryin to proceed this music career for a very long time what made me push harder well in
my teenage life i was living in geting involed into the street life doing drugs in also saleing them when i was 15 years old i was already droped outta school bout time i was 16 years old i was already in the fayette county prison i was in and out over and over again for drugs warrants assults,etc i miss my 18th birthday , 21st birthday homecoming in high school prom in high school in i also miss graduating from high school, along with friends & family i lost when i was traped in the cell but doin all this hard time i was still putin the pen in pad to use writen music about the sitution i was goin thru , but what really push me foward to my dreams was when i had a 3 months left till i get out of jail n i got called in to the consoulours office ,
in thats when they told me my Granma pasted away i cryed so hard that day
i truely lost a major part of me that day me in my granma was really close she was that person i could tell any thing too in talk to when no one else would seem to listen ....
but it was at tat moment when i relized all because i was saleing drugs all because
of the street fame i lost graduating , a very large chapter in my life , friends in close family members in i was only 22 years old once i relized that you only live
once , once ! once to live your life once ! for success once ! once to complete yours dreams you only get one chance at life i relize " rest in peace Larbell taylor "
*every one always ask how did i get the name Derrick Taylor well Taekwon Commodore is my goverment name which is my first in last name but my middle name is derrick in my granma that pasted away her last name is taylor so i got her last name in the dedication so its like i carry my granmas name with me as i go further into life in further into music ....................

When I am performing my goal in every performance I do rather it is a birthday party, bar venue, arena concert or just a normal party, I just want the crowd to feel welcome and have fun. For example if you come to my show and you dont know who I am because maybe your just there to check it out, by the end of the party you are going to ask people questions about me like. Who is that? Where is he from? Who is he signed with? How can I get him to come and perform for me? The type of music I am performing ranges from hip-hop, pop, to R&B. So yes my goal is to make the crowd scream, dance and just go wild through out my performance! And once you have had me at your party or venue, you will want me back again! Once the performance is over I want more fans then before I started. (I AM THE LIFE OF THE PARTY)
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Please note Derrick Taylor will also travel to Cardale, Merrittstown, Allison, Hibbs, Brier Hill, Fairbank, Chestnut Ridge, New Salem, Isabella, La Belle, Hiller, Grindstone, Denbo, Crucible, Keisterville, East Millsboro, Adah, Lemont Frnce, Smock, Brownsville, Lemont Furnace, McClellandtwn, Lamberton, Mc Clellandtown, Waltersburg, Ronco, Vestaburg, California, Millsboro, Uledi.
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