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  • Can I upload a video that contains contact information?

    No. Contact information may NOT be posted in Profile audio/video samples, Profile photos, or Profile text. By contact information, we mean website URLs, email addresses, and telephone numbers.

  • How can I get my video onto GigMasters if it's on YouTube?

    1) Go to your website where the youtube video is located.

    2) Right click anywhere on the video and choose 'Watch On YouTube'

    3) On YouTube, look for the box on the right hand side that says 'URL' and 'Embed'. You want the 'URL'. Highlight it and click CTRL - C.

    4) In another tab or browser, go to

    5) In the blue URL box, click CTRL - V. This will paste the URL into the box. Then click 'Download'

    6) When the page reloads, there will be a green box in the middle of the page that says 'Download Links'.

    7) Right click the 'Download' link for the low-res version and choose 'Save Target As'.

    8) This will save an FLV video file to your computer which you can then upload to your press kit.

  • How do I add video to my Profile?

    Learn how to add a video to your press kit by viewing this tutorial.

    Or, simply follow these instructions. Log into your Control Panel. Go to the `press kit' tab. Click the "Edit" link for `MP3 Samples and/or Video Samples.' Follow the instructions on the next page to upload video.

  • How large can my video file be in terms of megabytes?

    The largest individual file we accept is 100 megabytes (100 MBs). Files larger than that will generally take too long for the average customer to download. If you have a video sample that exceeds 100 megabytes, we recommend that you create a smaller version of the file for use on GigMasters.

  • How long does GigMasters recommend each video sample be?

    We recommend approximately 30 seconds to 1 minute for each video sample. Users do not like to wait long for video to download!

  • I have a video file but it exceeds the 100 MB limit. What can I do?

    There is software that you download from the Internet that will split video files into smaller files. One such example is 'Ultra Video Splitter' available at

  • I have video on a DVD or VHS tape. How do I convert them to online video samples?

    We recommend software called 'Videowave', by a company called "Roxio". It will allow you to convert your DVD or VHS tape to any online video format that you wish. You can find it at

  • I just uploaded a video and the sound is all garbled. Why is this happening?

    The "audio sampling rate" of the video you upload must be 11025 hz, 22050 hz, or 44,100 hz. Otherwise the audio may be garbled on playback. It's likely that the video you tried to upload didn't have the correct audio sampling rate. If you are unable to change this before uploading, please contact customer support. We can convert the video for you using special software.

  • Which format do my video samples need to be in?

    We accept the following video files:


    All files will be converted to .FLV format when you upload them. The conversion process will change the size of your video to 640 x 360 if it's not that size already. Also, the "audio sampling rate" of the video you upload must be 11025 hz, 22050 hz, or 44,100 hz. Otherwise the audio may be garbled on playback. If you're not sure, that's ok - just go ahead and upload it, and see how it sounds.

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