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1. Why Us
Special events are what memories are made of.

In this world of emails, texts, instant chatting, and conference calls, digital contact is just another drop in the endless well of noise we all face. Meeting in person, however – that's something truly worth remembering. At Traveler's Q, we help you create events, meetings, and other travel opportunities that are unforgettable.

From corporate training and product launches to weddings and travel management, we apply our expertise to help you drive business growth, celebrate a precious moment, or revitalize your life.

Our top priorities for your events are a pressure-free experience for you, and an engaging experience for your guests. We believe that the best event management starts with a commitment to doing more than just facing the challenges that any event brings – and it's our commitment to truly solving those challenges.

a. Driving Business Results
Everything in the corporate world boils down to ROI. Your company is investing in an event to build and grow its network – but what are your results really going to look like?

In the past, businesses really had no way to measure how well an event could drive results in the short term. But the problem may not have been the analytics. “Growing our network” is not a specific objective that lends itself well to truly measuring how much ROI an event produced.

That is why, at Traveler's Q, we begin our business meeting management process by helping you define your in-depth, specific mission for every event. You will know exactly what results you want, and how to design the event to achieve those results. Finally, we'll help you measure the results against your objectives to find out if you truly had a great event.

b. Your Experience
As one of the most stressful careers in any industry, event planning takes an even heavier toll on those who also have other roles to fulfill. With your boss, your business partners, your shareholders, or your team looking to you for the best event imaginable, you have a lot on your plate.

At the same time, though, you are also one of the few people – or maybe even the only person – who can truly infuse an event with passion. That is why we don't just swoop in and take over an event for you. We work by helping you create a stress-free experience for yourself. We'll help you define what you want, design the event that will achieve that goal, and then manage the rest. Your passion, plus our expertise, equals one uniquely relevant event for all your guests.

c. Guests' Experience
It isn't enough to have a large group of attendees to truly meet your event goals. Engaged attendance is what matters for everything from networking events to training. At Traveler's Q, we are committed to ensuring that no one's time is wasted.

Every guest should feel as though an event is personally tailored to their needs – and achieving that is not as impossible as it sounds. We create relevant, unique experiences that take guests out of their normal routines, making a memorable and exciting event that they'll want to participate in.

d. Our Partnerships
Event ROI isn't just about what you get out of an event – it's also about what you put into it. You want to work with the best vendors, but you also want to keep your budget in line. Our network of partners is part of what makes our event management services shine.

We've built partnerships with some of the top vendors for all types of events, from training retreats to weddings. You will know that your venue, hotel, caterer, and all other vendors are providing the best experience for your guests. And because we have been able to negotiate partner rates, you'll also keep your investment low to reap higher returns.

e. Market Analysis
For every proposed business event, there's always someone asking what value it truly brings to the company or group. With the right market analysis data, you can breeze through this stumbling block, and be on your way to a fantastic event.

At Traveler's Q, we already have the analytics to prove how your event will benefit you in the long run – or we can help you get it. Our evaluation services during our many years of operation have allowed us to gain a thorough understanding of how critical these events are for growing leaders, businesses, teams, and more. As you are preparing your event proposal, we'll be in your corner with real facts that don't rely on mere anecdotal evidence to prove your point.

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