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DJ from Ringgold, GA - Will travel up to 210 miles
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$200 - $9600 per event
Thank you for taking the time to learn about the South Eastern DJ alliance, SEDJ. Simply put, the SEDJ is the last place you need to look to find the perfect DJ for you. Let me tell you a little about the SEDJ. When I started my own DJ business, I had the goal to provide the absolute best service, and the most reasonable rates. By word of mouth, my reputation began to grow and I was having all types of shows every weekend. Needless to say, this was exactly what I wanted. I decided to make the ultimate commitment, and dedicate all of my time to my customers. I quit my “regular” job, and started my own full time disk jockey service. As my bookings began to increase, I started to run out of available times and had to turn down customers. Later, I began to hear horror stories on how someone who wanted to hire me ended up hiring someone else and had a horrible experience. I know this was not my fault, but nevertheless, I felt bad. So I started to call some of my competition to find out when they were available, and if my date was full, I would recommend the potential client to call them. This worked out great, because I knew, although I could not get the business because I was already booked, they would get great service by another true professional. In the DJ business, it is easy to use a credit card to buy some nice equipment, download some illegal music, and call one self a DJ. There are actually very few professional DJ’s or DJ companies in this area. That is where SEDJ comes into the picture. I decided to have a place where any consumer could come and find out who the true professional DJ’s are. What DJ’s have made the commitment to both customer service, and true business ethics? While everyone in the SEDJ competes against each other, all members share a common goal, to raise the standard of DJ service and to provide all customers with the best service, at a fair price. You will find our members vary in price and the types of events they will perform. Their specialties vary from the very outgoing, to the most laid back. It is still up to you, the consumer, to choose what DJ is right for you, but by knowing the DJ you are choosing is a member of SEDJ, you have already made the most difficult part of your decision.

Everyone has a different of opinion of what a “good” DJ is, we understand that. The SEDJ members will all have these traits:
1. Superior Customer Service track record
a. All customers of members are requested to provide feedback
b. All customer feedback is available
c. If member does not maintain superior customer satisfaction his/her membership is revoked, and all future customers are notified of such. By booking through the SEDJ, you have the choice of keeping your DJ, or hiring another DJ in good standing within the SEDJ
2. Liability Insurance
a. $1,000,000 general liability policy to protect you in the event the DJ damages property, or worse, a guest receives an injury, related to the DJ services.
3. Legal Music library
a. The difference in the sound between a legally obtained song and one illegally is not usually noticeable. But, if your DJ is getting songs illegally, it simply means he is cutting corners. If he is going to cut corners on the most important part of his business, where else will he cut corners?
b. Though not likely, if a DJ is found to have an illegal library, that music can be confiscated by the authorities. If done right before your event, what do you think will be played? Nothing.
4. Back-Up Equipment
a. All members have back up equipment and back up plans.
b. As a member of the SEDJ all member using our booking services are entitled to the ultimate back up, a back up DJ. If you book your event through the SEDJ, and your booked DJ has an emergency, such as family death, car accident or other covered item, the SEDJ will send another qualified DJ to your event. This cost you nothing extra.
5. Answers when YOU want them
a. To be a member of the SEDJ, the DJ may have another job, as long as that job does not interfere with any of the other requirements of membership. However, if you have a question about something at 2:00 on a Thursday afternoon, by booking through the SEDJ, your DJ has an office staff you may call. The staff can answer most any question you may have. If the SEDJ cannot answer the question, we can get the answer fast and return your call.
6. Superior Customer Service
a. We already mentioned this, but it is that important to us, and our members.

How the SEDJ works
Unlike other professional organizations, the SEDJ does NOT require any dues from its members. Remember, our goal is to provide you with an unbiased opinion as to whether or not the DJ you want to hire is a trusted professional. We are NOT influenced by dues that are paid by our members. Some of the biggest national organizations simply allow anyone who calls themselves DJ’s to join, as long as they can pay the dues. To be a member of the SEDJ, a DJ must be invited by another member, and meet all of the aforementioned criteria. I am sure you are asking yourself, how does the SEDJ make money?!

We make our money by our members who CHOOSE to use our booking services. There is no requirement to use our booking services to be a member in good standing. As stated earlier, some DJ’s are professional, but for various reasons, have other full time jobs. These reasons may be insurance, income stability, or any other possible reason. Other DJ’s want to invest their money into new and better equipment rather than advertising, so they use our booking service. Whatever the reason, many DJ’s have decided to use our booking service. Even if using our booking service, a DJ may have his SEDJ membership revoked if he is violation of any of our rules. Our reputation is more valuable than any income a DJ may make for us.

We look forward to working with you. Whether if you want to book your DJ through the SEDJ, or simply want to know if the DJ you are considering is a member, please let us know.
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Please note South Eastern Dj Alliance will also travel to Fort Oglethorpe, Chattanooga, Tunnel Hill, Rossville, Lupton City, Rock Spring, Chickamauga, Apison, Collegedale, Cohutta, Flintstone, Rocky Face, Lookout Mountain, Ooltewah, Dalton, Mc Donald, Hixson, La Fayette, Wildwood, Harrison, Whiteside, Rising Fawn, Signal Mountain, Bakewell, Trenton, Cleveland, Guild, Crandall, Soddy Daisy, Chatsworth.
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