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Aaron Brown: Mentalist, Speaker, & Consultant

Motivational Speaker from Houston, TX - Will travel up to 3000 miles
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$500 - $1000 per event
Aaron Brown, inspirational/motivational speaker and mentalist, demonstrates the power of the mind to accomplish the seemingly impossible. He performs absolutely mind-blowing demonstrations of mind reading and mental abilities for audiences across the nation.

Each presentation is completely and uniquely tailored for the specific audience and specific event. Various messages and themes can be incorporated into the presentation at the client's request. Make your event an event to remember. Treat your audience to a special and unforgettable presentation which they will be talking about for weeks and months to come, if they are not left completely speechless. Don't settle for another boring, generic motivational speaker who merely talks about the power of the mind and your an entertaining, unique speaker, performer, and mentalist who directly demonstrates the power of the mind and actually reads your thoughts! Aaron doesn't just talk to his audiences, he interacts with them, involves them, and makes the entire audience part of the show!

The main part of Aaron Brown's presentation and demonstration involves calling on members of the audience at random, asking them to focus on their major goals and challenges in life at the moment, and then revealing their thoughts and offering one or two inspirational thoughts related to their personal goals and challenges. He also shares highly accurate impressions he receives from individuals related to their abilities, strengths, personality, character, communication style, work style, relationship style, etc. In addition, he makes positive predictions related to future growth, opportunities, and potential roadblocks. Aaron usually begins his presentation with a few fun, high impact demonstrations of the power of the mind with the help of volunteers from the audience. A few such demonstrations include predicting the lottery numbers chosen by random members of the audience, correctly guessing any word chosen from any page of a book by a volunteer, having one volunteer telepathically receive a thought-of word from another volunteer while in a hypnotic trance, accurately duplicating a picture drawn by a volunteer from the other side of the room with his back turned, correctly guessing the name of a person a volunteer is thinking of, and describing in uncanny detail a personal memory that a volunteer is imagining. This has to be seen to be believed. It is guaranteed to be an experience unlike anything your audience has ever experienced before.

In addition to his one hour stage presentation and demonstrations, Aaron can also offer one-on-one, individual readings at a table or booth after the main performance at the client's request for a small additional fee. Aaron offers private readings using tarot cards (or regular playing cards), the I Ching, and face reading. These readings are given as entertainment and are generally kept to about 5-10 minutes each so that he can give readings for as many people as possible in the time available. Although Aaron does not believe that the future is determined, and does not believe that there is anything magical or supernatural about things like tarot cards, he finds them to be a useful tool in helping to access the natural wisdom and intuitive insight of the subconscious mind. Rather than promoting superstitious thinking, as many "fortune-tellers" do, he advocates a rational, psychological approach to traditional divination systems (such as the tarot or I Ching) as a means to gaining clarity and insight into our life situation.

Aaron is available to give readings at house parties, and to do private readings and hypnosis by appointment. He also offers occasional consulting work based on his various fields of study and expertise. Rates vary considerably based on the type of work involved, and based on travel or other expenses.

Aaron has studied psychology, NLP, hypnosis, body language, face reading, micro-expressions, cold reading, mentalism, psychic/intuitive development, the tarot, philosophy, and the ageless wisdom of both East and West for many years. His professional act combines scientific principles with clever psychological deception and manipulation, non-verbal communication, and stagecraft in order to create a unique and unforgettable entertainment experience that blurs the lines between the possible and the impossible...and inspires his audiences to believe that what may seem impossible to others may be possible for you if you put your mind to it.
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Aaron was very professional and easy to work and communicate with. His presentation was truly impressive. Everyone is still talking about how amazing he was and wondering how he did it. We haven't heard a single negative comment from anyone about anything. He exceeded our expectations. I would not hesitate to recommend him or use him again at a future event. He told everyone things about themselves that he couldn't possibly have known. Either he is the real thing or he is the best reader of body language and facial expressions I've ever seen. He's like a cross between the TV show "The Mentalist" & "Lie To Me". Very motivational and inspiring performance.

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Please note Aaron Brown: Mentalist, Speaker, & Consultant will also travel to Bellaire, Galena Park, Alief, North Houston, Missouri City, Pasadena, South Houston, Stafford, Humble, Sugar Land, Channelview, Pearland, Fresno, Deer Park, Katy, Spring, Cypress, Klien, Friendswood, Manvel, Thompsons, Barker, Highlands, Kingwood, La Porte, Webster, Crosby, Richmond, Porter, Rosharon.