J. Charles Thomas

Corporate Speaker from Solana Beach, CA - Will travel up to 500 miles
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$1000 - $5000 per event
I have essentially four different, though related areas of expertise. 1. I can talk about *possible scenarios of the future* when it comes to information technology, robotics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence and the ethical, social, political, economic and psychological impacts of those scenarios. In addition to giving a speech about such futures, I am also an experienced facilitator and can organize and lead a workshop on this topic that is geared toward the concerns of a particular organization or community. This is based on a long career in information technology, human computer interaction and artificial intelligence. Scenario planning has been shown to be an excellent long term planning tool for companies, government agencies and communities. Relevant publications include "Turing's Nightmares."

2. I can talk about *amateur athletics* and how to win more and enjoy more. There are valuable lessons to be learned from athletics that are applicable to business although there are also some vital differences between athletics and business which businesses sometimes forget, much to their peril. In addition to a talk with Q&A, I can also facilitate workshops based on these ideas in order to extend and expand business strategies. In addition to writing and blogging about sports, I have a background in organizational strategy. For example, I helped IBM develop strategies for "The Next Billions", "Smarter Planet", and "Cognitive Computing" and have facilitated a number of brainstorming and synectics sessions for strategy development. I helped organize and train people for IBM's first "WorldJam" as well as serving as on-line facilitator. Recent relevant publications include "The Winning Weekend Warrior."

3. I have studied and taught *creativity and innovation* and run workshops on this topic as well. As an organizer and facilitator of a great many workshops on a great many topics ranging from assertiveness training to pattern languages to human-computer interaction for international development to cross-cultural issues, I can facilitate a workshop on creativity or give an inspiring and fun talk on the subject. Some recent relevant talks or articles include:

* Thomas, J. (2015). Chaos, Culture, Conflict and Creativity: Toward a Maturity Model for HCI4D. Invited keynote @ASEAN Symposium, Seoul, South Korea, April 19, 2015.
*Pan, Y., Roedl, D., Blevis, E., & Thomas, J. (2015). Fashion Thinking: Fashion Practices and Sustainable Interaction Design. International Journal of Design, 9(1), 53-66.Srivastava, S., Rajput, N, Dhanesha, K., Basson, S., and Thomas, J. (2013). Community-oriented spoken web browser for low literate users. CSCW, San Antonio, TX, 2013.
*Pan, Y., Roedl, D., Blevis, E. and Thomas, J. (2012). Re-conceptualizing Fashion in Sustainable HCI. Designing Interactive Systems conference. New Castle, UK, June 2012.
*Thomas, J. C. (2012). Patterns for emergent global intelligence. In Creativity and Rationale: Enhancing Human Experience By Design J. Carroll (Ed.), New York: Springer.
*Thomas, J. C. & Richards, J. T. (2012). Achieving psychological simplicity: Measures and methods to reduce cognitive complexity. In The Human-Computer Interaction Handbook. J. Jacko (Ed.) Boca Raton, FL: CRC Press.

Finally, I have a long career in the psychology of aging and how to ensure successful aging. I can give a talk on this topic geared toward particular audiences or lead a workshop to identify and solve problems related to aging. Some relevant talks and publications include:

*Trewin, S., Richards, J., Hanson, V., Sloan, D., John, B., Swart, C., Thomas, J. (2012). Understanding the role of age and fluid intelligence in information search. Presented at the ASSETS Conference, Boulder CO.
*Trewin, S., John, B.E., Richards, J., Swart, C., Brezin, J. and Thomas, J. C. (2010). Towards a Tool for Keystroke Level Modeling of Skilled Screen Reading, ASSETS 2010.
*Trewin, S., Bellamy, R., Thomas, J., Brezin, J., Richards, J., Swart, C., and John, B.E., (2010). Designing for Auditory Web Access: Accessibility and Cellphone Users. The 7th International Cross-Disciplinary Conference on Web Accessibility, W4A.
*Trewin, S, Richards,J.,Bellamy, R, John, B.E.,Thomas, J.C., Swart, C.,Brezin,J. (2010). Toward Modeling Auditory Information Seeking Strategies on the Web. CHI Work In Progress.
*Thomas, J.C. (2003), Social aspects of gerontechnology. In Impact of technology on successful aging N. Charness & K. Warner Schaie (Eds.). New York: Springer.
* Thomas, J. C., Fozard, J. L. and Waugh, N. C. (1977). Age-related differences in naming latency. American Journal of Psychology, 90(30), pp. 499-509.
*Fozard, J. L., Thomas, J. C., and Waugh, N. C. (1976). Effects of age and frequency of stimulus repetitions on two-choice reaction time. Journal of Gerontology, 31, (5), pp. 556-563.

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Please note J. Charles Thomas will also travel to Cardiff By The Sea, Del Mar, Rancho Santa Fe, Encinitas, San Diego, Carlsbad, La Jolla, San Marcos, Escondido, Poway, Oceanside, Vista, San Luis Rey, Santee, El Cajon, La Mesa, Bonsall, Coronado, Lakeside, Lemon Grove.
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