The Couples Challenge & The Co-Workers Challenge

Comedian from Detroit, MI - Will travel up to 3000 miles
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The Couples' Challenge & The corporate Co-workers' Challenge! Comedy Entertainment.

How well do you think you know someone? We'll find out during the Couples' Challenge! The Couple's Challenge is hilarious, quick paced, unique, clean comedy show that combines stand-up comedy with a little bit of the "Newlywed game" and a little bit of the "Match game" It's fun, and clean but wildly entertaining. Hosted by comedian Scotty Gunther, the 2008, 2009,2010 and 2011 Gigmaster's rising star award winning top emcee in North America, author, speaker "Relationship Realist" and nationally syndicated radio personality! Couples or Co-workers sit on the stage facing away from each other and are asked a series of questions that everyone should know about their partner or fellow employee. Teams are asked to write down their answers and if the answers match, points are given. Simple, right? WRONG!

(frequently asked questions)

Q.Will this show fit my event?

A. YES! If your guests love to smile, laugh, and have a great time, The Couples' Challenge will fit your event! This show is perfect for corporate functions, colleges, holiday parties, nightclubs, restaurants, casinos and any event where you want fun, clean entertainment. **NOTE** If you are having a corporate event, convention or business meeting The Co-Workers Challenge is the perfect entertainment. It's not just a show, it's an interactive company activity that can be used as corporate stress reliever though laughter! With the economy in bad shape, workplace budget cuts, and the everyday real threat of your employees loosing their jobs, one of a manager's most important jobs is to keep spirits up in the workplace. With stress levels in organizations and companies at an all-time high, this isn't always easy to do. The Co-workers' Challenge is that necessary "escape" that employees need to laugh, relax, recharge and focus on being productive in the future. It's a small price to pay to instantly reduce office stress and boost employee morale.

Q. What if my event doesn't consist of couples or co-workers?

A. The great thing about the Challenge is that this show can be tailored to your event. It doesn't matter if you are a group of Chiropractors, Pet Groomers, Vacuum cleaner salesmen, Pizza makers, Civil defense contractors, or any other profession or group! This show will make everyone laugh!! The participants will have fun, as well as entertaining the audience. There is something for everyone! We just need some teams made up of two people, which is easily done because they just have to know "a little" about someone else. (It's funnier when they don't know much!) The two people on each team don't need to know the other teams. Just each other! (It's better then they don't.) This is why the Challenge shows is great for Chamber of commerce events, conferences and any event with a large diverse group of people. We can team up people from the same business, area, or profession. It's the perfect icebreaker, because teams, business and individuals are showcased during the show. Everyone is entertained and it brings your guests closer. (Which is the whole purpose of having an event!)

Q. How far will you travel?

A. No show is too far. We will travel anywhere! Keep in Mind if you are 1600 miles away, we will have to charge you more than a "rock bottom, bargain-basement" entertainer would cost. Remember, just because it appears that our home city might be far from your event, don't let location fool you! The Challenge shows are equipped to travel to your event for less then you might expect. Send us a request for a quote before you decide you can't afford the show, because there's a pretty good chance that you do have the resources to bring The Challenge shows to your event! Just contact us for a quote. We are always reasonable and won't charge hidden fees, (we pay the 5% gigmasters fee.) Because we love to entertain, we will NEVER attach a ridiculous rider asking for socks and "only the red" M&Ms.

Q. We have seen the Newlywed game, is this show only about relationships and sex and adult themes?

A. NO! This show is NOT the newlywed game! It's a comedy show that is all about how well someone "thinks" they know another person. The questions and content is NOT dirty and this show is NOT just for married couples, or couples in a relationship. We have had husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend, co-workers, best friends, or family members all on stage at the same time. All the comedy in the Couples' challenge is clean, tasteful and appropriate for corporate audiences, while still being "laugh till you hurt" funny. The clean comedy and variety aspects of the Couples' Challenge show make it a perfect choice for any audience. This show is in high demand to provide laugh-packed entertainment for conventions, corporate, or ANY event across the United States. (****NOTE**** If you have an all adult audience. We can provide a little more risqué show without being crude or vulgar by request only.)

Q.Do we need a lot of room? Is there a large set up?

A. No, this fits any size room or outdoor stage! There is minimum set up, You just need a few chairs and we bring the rest.

Q. We were looking to hire a comedian, magician,or a speaker. Why is this a better option?

A. Yes, this show is better than just a comedian because it becomes about your guests. We have Scotty Gunther, a award-winning comedian, speaker, author and syndicated radio personality hosting the show, so there are a ton of jokes and bits while your guests become stars of this show and provide "one of a kind" content. It's just more interactive and exciting than a comedian standing on stage talking about himself, or a magician doing silly magic tricks people have seen a million times!

Q. What types of events are a perfect fit for the Couples' & Co-workers' Challenge?

A. The Challenge shows has countless options and many applications. Between the Couples' Challenge and Co-workers Challenge we have every type of event covered! The Couples' Challenge is perfect for colleges, festivals, parties and any other social event you can think up! If your event is "work related" in any way, the Co-Workers' Challenge is your best bet. Because the show is "laugh out loud" funny, it can be used a main stage entertainment at your convention, meeting, or Holiday party. Because it's upbeat, with a positive message, and can be tailored to fit your company's message and mission statement, it can be used as a motivational or keynote speaker. And because it's fun and can used for small groups of people, the Co-workers' Challenge is perfect for your next business meeting or retreat as a team building exercise or as a much needed break from a long day of sitting in seminars. The Co-workers' Challenge is the most versatile form of business/corporate entertainment available today! If your event is something other than "work related" The Couple's challenge is your choice!

Q. Is the Couples' Challenge some type of fitness or sports challenge?

A. Ha-ha, NO! Your guests will sit in chairs, answer questions, laugh, and are not required to do a single push or pull up!

Q. How is this show fun for the audience members who are NOT participating?

A. Remember, this is a comedy show! The audience is not forgotten. It's fun watching others participate because they give goofy answers that become the catalyst for the comedy and improv. This show is different than a game show because it's used to create comedy, funny moments, and bits. The participants answers are a" jumping off point." If it was "JUST" the activity and you were relying on that, that might be boring for an audience. But this is a comedy show that just happens to have people on stage participating too!

Q. Can the questions in the Couples' challenge be tailored to fit our event.

A. Yes!! And they will be, depending on the type of show and audience you have.

Q. Who provides the prizes?

A. We can bring some prizes, but we encourage event planers to get sponsors to provide unique prizes. Our host can also thank sponsors during the show. If you are a bar or restaurant you can give a gift-certificate to your OWN establishment, which encourages patrons to come back! (And SPEND MONEY!)

Q. Can't I just be uncreative, rip this idea off, and do this myself?

A. No! The Couples' ad Co-worker's challenge is copyrighted property, and just because you try to steal the idea, it's not going to be the same! It's NOT the concept; it's the host Scotty Gunther that makes this show one of the most sought after corporate comedy entertainment shows in North America. This show is based on almost 20 years of live entertainment experience. You can steal Jeff Gordon's racecar…. but you are NOT going to win a Nascar race. (Chances are, you will just crash it into the wall!)


The Co-Workers' Challenge!

How well do you know the people you work with? We'll find out during the Co-workers' Challenge! The Co-workers' Challenge is hilarious, quick paced, unique corporate entertainment that combines stand-up comedy with a little bit of "newlywed game" and a little bit of the "match game." It's a great corporate ice breaker that motivates employees and promotes teamwork. The Co-workers' Challenge is also a great escape from the stressful world of business. It's funny, clean, motivating and wildly entertaining. If you are thinking about having a motivational speaker at your event, The Co-workers' Challenge is a better choice! Contact us for more Info on The Co-workers' Challenge!

The Co-workers' Challenge was just voted the #1 best choice in corporate entertainment by a group of large market broadcast professionals.

Scotty Gunther was named the top emcee in North America by Gigmasters for 2008,2009,2010, and 2011


WE ARE NOW PROUD TO ANNOUNCE WE OFFER THE SINGLES' CHALLENGE SHOW!!From the creators of the Couples & Co-workers' Challenge, The Singles Challenge is perfect when you have a room of singles and don't know how to entertain them and bring them together! Don't just rely on a DJ! This show is the ultimate "ice breaker" for singles events.


IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT THE GIGMASTER REQUEST FORM: To avoid getting lots of unwanted calls from other entertainers, be sure to UNCHECK the (optional) have gigmasters contact other performers..." button!


We had a blast! It was the best meeting we ever had! –- Peggy F, T-mobile Great lakes Region.

What a great show! You had everyone rolling. It was beyond my expectations and you did a great job. My stomach hurt all day Saturday from all the laughs! It was a pleasure working with you. -- Dana B, Nexstar Inc. Little Canada, Minnesota

Scotty was AWESOME!!! He was professional, funny, and a great asset to our staff retreat! This was such a great activity. The staff laughed and laughed. We truly had a fantastic time. I would recommend this company to anyone having a party or event! It is a blast! -- Kelly M, Sterling Heights, MI,

The Co-workers' Challenge was a riot! Scotty did a fantastic job. We were extremely pleased and laughed all night. THANKS! -- Shelly R, Caro, MI

Scotty was awesome! He arrived with more than enough time to set up and go over the schedule of events. He was conscience of our other events going on in the evening and worked with us on all of it - and even found ways to work those into the show. I would definitely recommend Scotty for corporate events. -- Sandee K, Richmond, MI

Scotty Gunther did a fantastic job! He's great for all audiences. Very funny! -- Abby M, Bradley, IL,

Scotty did an awesome job - everyone was very pleased. Thanks so much for helping to make the party a success! -- Jamie R, Elkhart, IN,"

Scotty made our event more exciting and memorable! We love the Couples' Challenge! -Julie J, Tampa FL

OMG Scotty was great, we never laughed so hard! This show is perfect for ALL ages!- Gary G, Pittsburgh PA

Scotty showed up and created an energy that I have never experienced before. Our event came alive!-Jen H, Toledo OH

I own all 5 of Scotty's books and I love them all! -Paula S, Grand Rapids MI

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Christmas Party

Overall Talent

Scotty was very witty, everyone was laughing for the entire program that he did for our medical practice. He has a great sense of humor, was professional, and I loved that I didn't have to entertain guests at the party. That was his job and he did it exceptionally well. I would highly recommend Scotty and his Couples/Coworkers Challenge game to group.

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Private Party

Overall Talent

Scottie showed up on time, well groomed, and ready to go. His personality is infectious and his enthusiasm even more so. Professional and very good at what he does! I would highly recommend this show and Scottie for your next event.

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Overall Talent

Dear Scotty, You did an excellent job at our wedding! Everyone raved about the game show the ENTIRE night. My mom got so many compliments on how entertaining and perfect the game show was. They all thought she went "all out" for my wedding because they assumed you cost a fortune to book! Trust me, we were all on cloud nine with how impressive you made our wedding look. You were so professional with everything and made everyone's night! Sincerely Elysia & Shad Proctor

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