Patrick Hanifin - Clean Comedy

Comedian from Huntington Beach, CA - Will travel up to 3000 miles
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$600 - $6000 per event
SEE 30 REVIEWS IN "COMEDIAN" CATAGORY! A comedy veteran of 25 years and known for his SQUEAKY-CLEAN IMAGE, Patrick is a demand performer at corporate/private events, churches, clubs, and cruise lines across the country. His television credits include "EVENING AT THE IMPROV", "BEST OF STAND UP COMICS TAKE A STAND", and "COMIC STRIP LIVE". Not only has Patrick been crowned the WINNER of The Laugh Factory's Comedy Competition and the Central Coast Comedy Competition, he's also been a finalist two years in a row in the Los Angeles Comedy Competition and Orange County's Funniest Comedian Competition. Blending an arsenal of comedy coupled with hysterical and original material, Patrick is able to offer his audience a unique way of looking at the world through his style of humor. His wacky inventions will leave you craving more of his off-beat delivery and you will often ask yourself, "Why didn't I think of that?"


Amazing!!!!!!!!! Our group is faith based so we wanted clean, but we never expected someone to be sooooooooooooo funny!! Patrick is so quiet when you meet him and when he gets on the stage he is not only a phenomenal comedian, he was a excellant MC. We still cannot believe our good fortune in finding funny, clean, creative, and affordable. We thank you Patrick for a evening to remember!!! Giving Hope to the Homeless!!! -Gail Monestere, 6/19/2010, American Family Housing 25th Anniversary, Meadowlark Country Club, Huntington Beach, CA

We've heard nothing but great things about your presentation yesterday. The South Orange County Community College District holds a staff development day for the classified employees of our 3 campuses every year. It's a challenge to put something together that all the employees like. In the past our guest speakers have usually focused on some team building aspect or self improvement type of presentation. Usually not very inspiring. When I was tasked to find a speaker I wanted to make sure that I would not get complaints. Everyone enjoyed your comedy presentation – it was funny, relaxing, uplifting and just a time of real enjoyment. You set the tone for the rest of the day. Everyone went home asking for the same thing next year! Thank you again and I wish you the best. Hedy Renfro –
Irvine Valley College, Irvine, CA, 3/18/10

The show was fabulous! The jokes, stories, interaction with the group, you really made it about us! We had sooo many compliments and people coming to tell us how they enjoyed your performance, and how nice it was to have comedy from a comedian that didn't have foul language thru the show. Needless to say you were great! I wish you nothing but continued success with your comedy routine. Thank you again! -- Cheryl V, IADCCT Convention, Riviera Hotel, Las Vegas, NV, 12/16/09

Patrick was not only funny but very professional. We stayed in contact all the way up to the show. I have had some bad experiences in the past hiring comedians but I was beyond pleased with Patrick's overall show! Our paying guests were at the point of tears with most of his jokes. It's very hard to find a funny "clean comedian" these days but look no further. You sure kept our concert series going with ease! Hire this man and you will have no worries! Thanks again...! -- Ray W, Ciao Summer Concert Series, Riverside, CA, 8/23/08

Patrick was absolutely amazing. I don't think I've ever laughed so hard, he is extremely funny, and worth way more than he charges. My guests just raved about him, and thanks to Patrick, I'm known as throwing the best parties. I can't wait to hire him to come back again! -- Krystal D, Birthday Party, Lancaster, CA, 12/6/08

Very funny and great guy. It's been a long time since I got cheek cramps from laughing so hard!! -- Rick C, Graduation Party, Commerce, CA, 2/29/08


IKEA - Everything that you buy in IKEA says, "Some assembly required". I bought a throw rug there. When I got home and opened up the box, it was a needle and some yarn.

News - I heard on the news today that our government is listening in to our phone conversations. At first I didn't like that at all. Then my girlfriend called me up to break up with me. I go, "Oh, is that because I don't want to get involved with you and Al-Qaida?"

Department of Motor Vehicles - I went down there to get a driver's license. I was looking around and they had these really nice paintings on the wall. I thought, that's nice, they're fixing the place up. Then I realized the painting's were done by people waiting in line to get their driver's license.

Exercise - I'm a member at 24 Hour Fitness. That's a great gym! I got a membership there for 99 dollars a year. It works out to just under 50 bucks a visit.

Weight Watchers - I actually joined Weight Watchers. At first I didn't think that it would work... but in 6 weeks I've already lost 85 dollars!

Banks - I don't think they're doing very well. I asked them my balance and they said I was overdrawn. I said, "How can I be overdrawn? I just made a deposit 3 days ago." They said, "Yeah, but we needed that money!"

This is fun to do. You know how at night there's always someone at the bank at the ATM machine taking out their money and they're really nervous? Stand real close right behind them, then look over their shoulder, and go, "Hey, was that last digit a 5 or a 6?"

California State Lottery - I keep hoping to win the California State Lottery. Wouldn't that be great?! They'd come over to your house, knock on your door, and then they hand you that giant IOU!

99 Cent Store - I love that store! That's the only store I know where you can actually buy the AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF ERIK ESTRADA.

The Gap - This is fun. Go into the Gap clothing store. When they go, "Can I help you?" Say, "Yes, you know those machines that take the plastic tags off the clothes?" "Uh huh" "Where can you get one of those?"

Alcohol - I don't drink. I used to, but it started to interfere with my life. I'd drink all day, then later I'd try to do something like play tennis. I'd be out on the court and open up the can to get the balls, then find out I brought Pringles.
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Please note Patrick Hanifin - Clean Comedy will also travel to Sunset Beach, Surfside, Seal Beach, Westminster, Garden Grove, Midway City, Fountain Valley, Long Beach, Los Alamitos, Stanton, Cypress, Hawaiian Gardens, Anaheim, Buena Park, Costa Mesa, Lakewood, Santa Ana, La Palma, Newport Beach, Cerritos, Artesia, Balboa Island, Balboa, Fullerton, Orange, Bellflower, Aliso Vajeo, Irvine, La Mirada, Norwalk.
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