Moving Beyond The Wounded Child Syndrome

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As a private coach I have helped transform the lives of thousands of people by teaching them how to 'get past their past'.

Although my client base are primarily Adult Children of Alcoholics, I have in depth experience working with people from various 'types' of dysfunctional families.

Because it is never possible to teach, what you have not learned--it is not possible to be of a true benefit to anyone in terms of coaching and or inspirational speaking--unless the coach or speaker has traveled a path that has afforded that being the specific knowledge needed in order to transcend any particular set of circumstances that has any significant ability to help a being move forward in their life experience.

And yet not even empathy is enough--if one is looking to greatly impact the mind--life--and thus--inevitable future life experiences--of his/her audience.

Being able to speak in a way that allows others to 'hear' the message you wish to convey is critical--if wishing to help audience members strive for personal excellence is the agenda.

Talented storytelling is an art, and it is through my innate storytelling ability that I am able to draw my audience members in by connecting with them on a truly emotional level--that I am able to help clear up the clutter in their minds--that have them repeating the same old mistakes--over and over again--which inevitably keeps them stuck--feeling like a failure--and ultimately prevents them from striving for personal best.

Born to two adult children of alcoholics--I know all too well what it means to grow up feeling unworthy--and as if--excellence was far beyond my reach. In desperate need for validation--I excelled at school--but yet--still within the crevices of my being--beyond the shiny outward facade I tried so desperately to get others to believe was my truth--insecurities ran rampant within me.

Far into later adulthood--ghosts of the pasts found their way into my everyday realities--and thwarted my exhausting attempts to finally 'make-it---feel normal--and yes--be happy'. Nothing I ever achieved was ever good enough to make me feel whole.

As a young wife, at the age of thirty three--I found myself near death more than once, related to asthma my doctors insisted was psychosomatic.

"You better listen to your body Lisa, because your body is listening to you," he would say. And I would think, "What the hell does that mean?"

The day my doctor told me I was breathing with less than 20% of one lung, and that unless I made a decision to confront whatever was going on inside of me, I might die, I knew something had to change.

Up until that moment, and although it is not an easy thing to admit--I never even knew I had a right to question my happiness. I was unhappy and presumed that was the way it was supposed to be--because unconsciously my childhood programming conditioned me to believe I was simply unworthy.

We hear about people getting divorced everyday, but unless you yourself have endured such a life altering experience--you will never know the depth of pain that comes from separating a family-especially one that includes small children.

I didn't want to get a divorce--I had to get a divorce,because my life depended on it.

Learning to heal my adult child issues--that were directly related to being raised by two unaware--self absorbed--overly critical--perfectionistic ACoA parents was as exciting as it was exasperating. Healing required surrender, acceptance--but most importantly--a commitment to my Self--the Self I had been taught to deny for my entire life.

It took me twelve years to write The Road Back To Me. I flipped flopped about having published because I knew the raw light I painted my parents in--would hurt them. And so--fear from feeling abandoned once more by my parents--got in the way of me honoring my Self by having my book published.

But that all changed--the moment I heard the news that my brother in law committed suicide, and killed himself, even after my 11 yr. old nephew--his son--begged him to put the gun down.

Although on my brother in laws death certificate--the cause of death is ruled--'suicide--gunshot wound to the head'--the truth is--his unconscious childhood programming is the real cause of his death.

For the past fifteen years, I have been writing about and giving lectures about codependency, recovery, healing self esteem--as well as bullying.

As a private coach, I have helped teach my clients how to confront--deal--and heal their childhood programming so that--in their adult life--they are able to move beyond what has been.

I am effective in my presentation--and a wealth of information that is truly life changing.

If you are looking to help erase your audiences need to play the victim--feel stuck--and at same time wish to wow them with a lecture that will have them excited about moving forward in their life, I am the speaker for you.

Lisa A. Romano
Bestselling Author

A GigMasters member for 5+ years
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