We love summer parties! They give you the chance to indulge in loud music (live or DJ) and messy food all without cleaning up your house. Because it stays light out so late and kids generally stay up later, summer parties are also a great chance to get together with ALL of your friends, those with families and those without. But sometimes it can be hard to figure out how to make a party kid friendly, without making it into a kid's party! Don't worry, we've got some tips:

• You'd be amazed at how much fun kids can have chasing fireflies, have some jars ready with holes cut out of the lid and make sure kids know the limits of how far they can go without adult supervision.

• A bouncy house or a trampoline is obviously great for entertaining kids, but works surprisingly well for entertaining adults as well.

• If kids get bored and tired, they tend to annoy their parents. If you truly want to have some grown up time with your friends, consider hiring a magicianjugglerface painterballoon twister or other variety act to come by for an hour or two. If you get a face painter, do it early enough that the kids are still there, but late enough that a few drunk adult guests will take advantage as well!

• If you have a backyard pool, or live in a building with a rooftop pool, consider hiring a lifeguard. Kids can entertain themselves for hours in the pool, but responsible parents won't be able to relax if there isn't a lifeguard.

• Kids can get overheated and worn out a lot sooner than adults. Have a stash of kid appropriate DVDs available and expect a few kids to crash in your air conditioned living room. If the kids have a place to crash, their parents can stay longer. Don't forget to put out paper and crayons as well.

Have you had outdoor parties with kids? What are some tips that we missed?