Having a kid's party at home can be a great cost-effective idea. Children are often more comfortable in their own home, or in the home of someone they know. But, what it saves in money and child's comfort, it can cost in a parent's sanity. If you're thinking about having your child's birthday party in the house, we've got some tips for making sure you don't lose control of your sanity, or the kids.

Make sure you have the space Most children's performers are used to working in people's houses, but you'll still want to check about his/her space or electrical requirements. If you're planning an outdoor party, don't forget that weather can be unpredictable. You'll want to keep your guest list and activities small enough that things can be moved indoors in an emergency.

Cleanliness is next to impossible If you're the kind of hostess who likes the house to be spotless for company, an home-based kids party might not be for you. Once the first two kids arrive, your house will be trashed. That leaves all the other guests and their parents coming in to a destroyed house. If you plan on hiring a cleaning service, I recommend cleaning the house yourself BEFORE the party and saving your money to have  the house professionally cleaned AFTER the party.

Put away the china (and the toys) You'll want to put away everything breakable, and any toys that your kids do not want others to play with. I'd also put away all drums, shakers and other musical instruments. Unless of course, a musical theme is part of the party.

Set boundaries If you have rooms where you don't want small children going, make sure to close the doors. Older kids will want and deserve some privacy from adult eyes. That doesn't mean you have to disappear though. Simply announce your presence loudly as you bring in various items and keep an eye out for any behavior that disturbs you. It's perfectly reasonable to request that all guests remain in the same room together and not break into smaller cliques or twosomes.

What tips do you have for parents hosting parties at home.