A Hot Cocoa Bar is such a versatile, cozy way to entertain in the cold winter months, and ensures your party will always end on a sweet note! It can be a party theme on its own or styled and adapted to suit any event.

A DIY Hot cocoa bar can be as sophisticated as you wish and are great at weddings, baby showers or any celebration where you have to cater for a crowd - After all, guests always tend to have more fun when they get involved! For an even easier option, go for a pot luck Hot Cocoa Party where guests bring a topping of their choice to add to the table - Ideal for a last minute get together!

Here are some easy  ideas on how to style a simple Hot Cocoa Bar: * Keep it casual with white serving pieces and ware from every day use. Plain white mugs, bowls and platters can be transformed with the help of printable party tags and decor! * Use what you have at home to bring the decor together. We've gone for brown and beige color scheme with dashes of white to keep things neutral and fresh. * A printable paper banner adds a touch of fun to the ensemble, and is so easy to put together with the help of a few wooden pegs and string.

* Prepare a large pot of hot chocolate that you make yourself and decant into a cocoa carafe. If you have the space, then why not vary the flavors with white hot chocolate too! Don't forget to label each pot if you're having more than one flavor. * Set your sprinkles in dainty bowls, and label each spoon with a printable tag so guests can help themselves and customize their own cocoa. We displayed our sprinkles atop a wooden cheese board! * Chocolate spoons add a  touch of fun and are simply delicious! You can get the spoon molds from any baking supply store and online. For an easier version, simply dip your everyday tea spoons into melted hot chocolate and let it set onto parchment paper. * Have a few alcoholic mixers handy, so your adult guests can spike their cocoa and turn it into a hot toddy!

More Hot Cocoa Topping and Sprinkles: Crushed Candy Canes * Flavored Syrups * Whipped Cream * Candied fruits * Pretzel sticks * Chocolate Chips * Chocolate Shavings * Peanut Butter Chips * Crushed Candy * Crushed Biscotti and Cookies * Cupcake Sprinkles * Chocolate Truffles * Chopped Nuts * Ground Spices * M&Ms and even ice cream! For added amusement, get your guests to name their 'custom' cocoa and have a fun tasting game!   Classic Hot Cocoa Recipe - Makes 4 4 cups whole milk 1/2 cup double cream 1/2 cup sugar 1/2 cup grated, unsweetened dark chocolate (or choc chips) pinch of salt Stir ingredients together except cream, and heat until chocolate has melted and mixture comes to a boil. Turn heat down and stir in the cream. Whisk until warm and frothy - Do not boil!  Then serve at once.  

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