Halloween is one of our favorite holidays.  When else can you dress like a pirate and get free candy? Hopefully not that often. Halloween parties can be blast but they can also be, well, a bit lame.  Great Halloween party themes are hard to come by.  Putting a couple Halloween decorations on the wall and playing “The Monster Mash” isn’t enough to keep your guests happy. To that end we have come up with four Halloween party ideas that will thrill your guests:

  • Celebrity Parties - Have everyone come as their favorite celebrities or pick a theme like “80’s Movie Stars,” “Rock Stars” or “Video Game Characters.”  Encourage, no demand, that your guests dress the part.  Our talented GigMasters impersonators can help you pull off a great celebrity party.
  • Zombies! - When in doubt, have a Zombie Party!  True Blood and Twilight may have kept vampires and werewolves in the spotlight but we all know that zombies know how to have the most fun.
  • Murder Mystery Party – If you have ever seen the movie Clue, you know that murder mysteries can be a ton of fun.  Your guests will love trying to solve the mystery and as the host you can even get in on the act.
  • Couples (or Group) Costume Contest – Some of the best Halloween costumes are group costumes.  Encourage guests to think, and dress, as a group or as couples.  The gang from Scooby Doo, Star Wars and other great classic movies and tv shows all make for great group costumes.

Remember – Halloween is about going all out.  Like anything worthwhile, it takes a lot of work to pull off a truly great Halloween party. Let us know how it goes and if you have any other creative Halloween party ideas please share them in the comment section below.