One of the biggest challenges of planning a wedding is that you have a lot of big decisions to make, and no experience making most of them. On top of that, it seems like everyone you know has an opinion, and most of those opinions contradict each other. That's why we're so happy to be able to bring you expert wedding advice from a real wedding expert!

Anne Chertoff has worked at Modern Bride, Martha Stewart Weddings, iVillage,, AOL's Aisle Dash and Vera Wang. On top of all that, she finds time to write the popular wedding blog, from I Will to I Do.

Anne is that rare combination of stylish and sensible and she's agreed to give you expert advice on all your wedding questions. Every week we'll run one of Anne's answers in our Wedding Planning Guide. You can submit questions right on the Ask the Expert page, or by writing Anne at, just put "Wedding Question" in the subject.

This week, we got the question "I want to have an outdoor wedding with a tent. How can I find a good location, what should I look for."

Read Anne's answer here.

Photo courtesy of One Plus One Images