Here at GigMasters HQ, when we hear Cinco de Mayo, we think of one thing: Mariachi bands. Okay, maybe margaritas too, but that can just be our little secret. Like I was saying, Mariachi bands - they are the ingredient that can turn a Cinco de Mayo party into a true FIESTA!

Adding a Mariachi band to entertain your guests can take your Cinco celebration to the next level. Their lively music and festive garb will make your party feel authentic. If you are having a smaller gathering and won't have room for an entire band, you could hire a Mariachi duo or trio.

If I still haven't convinced you that entertainment is a Cinco de Mayo party must, I have a few other tricks in my sombrero. We have plenty of other unique entertainment options that also fit the flavor of this holiday. How about a flamenco guitarist, salsa band or a flamenco dancer? Remember, this is a fun holiday that deserves awesome music!

Now that we've talked entertainment, I also have ideas to spice up your Cinco menu. To save you precious party planning time, I scoured the web to find tasty recipes for party food, delicious desserts, and yummy cocktails. Here's a little taste:

Last, but not least, you'll need decorations for your event. I suggest bright colors that can make any party setting pop. For starters, say yes to sombreros. They are fun and can have multiple purposes. For example, you can have them on hand for your guests to wear, or you can use them as table centerpieces. You can also find lots of festive Cinco de Mayo décor online by shopping sites like Oriental Trading. I took the liberty of picking out a few decoration items that are fun and festive, take a look: Fiesta Cutout Garland, Light-Up Fiesta Lanterns, and Rainbow Balloon Lanterns.

There are also lots of party planning sites out there where you can find  free printables that can help complete the decor for your celebration. Take a look at this colorful set from The TomKat Studio. The best part about them is that they are FREE! That just about covers the basics of Cinco de Mayo party planning. For more inspiration and ideas visit our Event Planning Section. Happy Cinco de Mayo!!

What are your Cinco de Mayo plans? Share them in the comments below.