Who doesn’t love a summer soiree? You can pretty much count on great weather but what you can’t count on, unfortunately, are the guests, especially when it comes to a kid’s birthday party. Scheduling is the biggest hurdle to overcome—school’s out, people are on vacation and calendars are beyond filled. So what’s a parent of a summer birthday boy or girl to do? Throw a back-to-school party instead. We’ve rounded up a few tips to help make it a date to remember.



#1 Pick a back-to-school friendly date

Set the date for the weekend before school begins or one of first two weekends after school begins.


#2 Invite new people

Send invites to last year’s class and the new class. If you have new neighbors, include them, too.


#3 Make it grown-up friendly

This is a great way to get to know your kids’ community.  Plus, you can chat about teachers, school and meet new people.


#4 Consider a theme

Unfortunately Back to School isn’t necessarily a theme kids want to celebrate. But The Lego Movie, Frozen, or even a luau can generate a lot of excitement.


#5 Plan activities

Whether it’s Laser Tag and water slides, bouncy castles and face painting stations or even a good old fashioned scavenger hunt, games and the like are a great way to get everyone involved. Find great entertainment on GigMasters, naturally.


#6 Think outside the home

 A backyard or basement is always a great place to have a party but sometimes you just want to get out of the house! Check out local fields, pools, and recreation centers for possible party locations. Or search GigMasters for a unique venue.


#7 Give practical party favors

Instead of filling a bag with what most would deem junk; consider something more useful—a coloring book, pencils and erasers, chalk - anything with a cool twist to take them into the new school year with a smile on their face.