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  • What is my Control Panel Dashboard for?

    When members login to their Control Panel they land on the Control Panel Dashboard which contains all of their basic membership information. Among the most notable new features on this page are the thumbnail image and the `Profile Complete' bar. We have found that more complete Profiles get more leads. The `Profile Complete' bar lets GigMasters Members know how complete their Profiles are in terms of audio, video, photos, description, song list and appearances (though these requirements vary slightly depending on member type).

    A red `Action Required' panel alert members to important items such as unanswered gig requests, outstanding balances, renewals, etc. A yellow `Notification' panel includes alerts such as `Site Maintenance,' `Category Additions/Discontinuations' and `Auto-Renew' reminders. All `Notification' alerts are dismissible while the only `Action Required' alerts that may be dismissed are Client Messages.

  • How can I organize my leads?
    Learn how to organize your leads by viewing this video tutorial.

  • Where do I update my Billing Information?
    The "Account" tab is the place to edit billing information, as well as contact information, optional features and passwords. To edit your billing information click on the "Edit" link for `Billing Information' and make the changes on the next page. Be sure to click the "Click Here ONCE To Update" button to save any changes to this page.
  • How can I tell how many visitors my GigMasters Profile receives?

    The "Tools" tab of your Control Panel has a number of useful links, including the `Search Statistics' and `Search Results Analyzer' pages. The `Search Statistics' page shows you how many clients are finding you on GigMasters on a daily and weekly basis, and how many of them viewed or listened to your media files. This page also compiles a weekly list of websites that link to your Profile, as reported by Google and other search engines. This information should be viewed as a sample, not a complete list.

    The `Search Results Analyzer' helps you understand your placement in GigMasters search results compared to other members in your area. These results are re-calculated nightly.

  • How can I modify my Profile URL address?
    Members can edit their Profile URL from either the `Profile' section of their Dashboard or under the `Profile' tab. Click the "Edit URL" link and make the change on the next page. Be sure to click "Update" when you are finished!
  • How can I add the GigMasters logo to my website?
    Go to the `tools' tab of your Control Panel and click the "Go" link for "Logos and Images Library." You can retrieve the HTML code for the GigMasters logo and paste it anywhere on your own website.
  • How can I opt out of specific features like Search Results Analyzer, Gig Final Outcome Emails, Quick Quote and Performer in Demand?

    Learn how to opt out of specific account features by viewing this video tutorial.

  • How do GigMasters Members manage their Profiles and gigs?
    Each Member of GigMasters has their own password-protected Control Panel. From this Control Panel, Members are able to view leads, bid on events, update their Profile, change their account settings, and much more. The Control Panel centralizes all the information that our Members need so they can run their businesses with ease.
  • How do I log into my GigMasters Control Panel?
    Go to:

    Then enter your Username and Password and click the "Enter" button. 

  • What sort of information does the "Gig Request" form contain?
    We tell you the date, time, location, the type of service that is needed, and other pertinent information about the event.

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