bidding on gigs

  • Should I require a deposit?
    Yes, we generally recommend that you require a deposit. This protects you as well as your clients.
  • Should I make my deposit non-refundable or refundable?
    In general, we recommend that you make your deposit non-refundable. This protects you. However, if you, the performer, cancel your performance or fail to appear for the event you will be expected to refund the deposit.
  • I am not sure exactly how much I would charge the client. I need more details. What do I do?
    Place a bid and inform the client that your bid might change pending further information by leaving a message in the section labeled "Type a personal message to the client..."
  • When should I use the 'Add additional Travel/Lodging charge' option in my bid?
    If you will be traveling out of your normal travel range or if you will need overnight accommodations, you should let the client know that you will need to be compensated for these extra fees. It is important to remember that your travel/lodging expenses will NOT be included in your 5% booking fee nor your total booking dollars earned towards your GigMasters search results ranking.
  • How do I set up Saved Bid Responses?

    Learn how to save bid responses by viewing this tutorial.

    Or, simply follow these instructions:

    1. Log securely into your Control Panel

    2. Go to the 'leads' tab.

    3. Click the 'Edit' link for 'Saved Bid Responses.'

    4. Click the 'Create New Response' button.

    5. Name your new Saved Bid Response

    6. Fill out the Bid info.

    7. Click the 'Update Saved Bid' button.

  • Can I let potential clients know that I always pay the 5% booking fee on their behalf?

    Yes. Did you know that GigMasters performers who always pay the 5% booking fee (minimum $20) on behalf of their GigMasters clients average 40% more bookings than our performers who let their clients pay? Here's how you can let potential clients know that you will pay the 5% booking fee (minimum $20) on their behalf:

    1) Log into your Gigmasters Control Panel.

    2) Go to the `account' tab.

    3) Click the "Edit" link for "Billing Information" option.

    4) On the next page, check off the "Always Pay 5% Booking Fee" option.

    5) Click on the button that says "Click Here Once To Update".

    A green and red gift box icon will immediately be added to your GigMasters Press Kit, and all of your potential clients will know that should they book you, you'll pay the 5% booking fee on their behalf. Please note: this option will only apply to bids going forward, and will not affect bids that have already been placed.

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