We thought this would be a good time to review some of our tips on how to take a great photo at a kid's party.

If you just want a few pix to post on Facebook or send to absent grandparents, feel free to use the camera on your phone. But, if you want to make a photo album (either by using an online service or printing them yourself), or possibly even submit photos to our contest, you’ll want to use an actual digital camera to get a higher quality resolution. If you are thinking about submitting your photos to a blog, or you’re just really proud of your ability to style a great looking party make sure to take pictures BEFORE the party starts. You know how the minute you actually put a child in a white outfit the outfit gets stained? The same is true of parties. The minute the first guest walks in the door, your amazingly creative display will be history.

Take pictures of the little details that you’re so proud of from creative goody bags to a gorgeous cake. However, if this is for your own photo album, make sure to take lots of pictures of the actual guests. There’s nothing more fun for kids than looking back at their friends from over the years. Between organizing games, spilled drinks and emergency bathroom runs you may not have much time to take photos yourself. This can be a great task for a grandparent, especially one who needs a little help interacting with kids. It’s great to let kids pose for a couple of photos here and there, but make sure to tell the photographer to try and get unposed photos as well.

If you’re having entertainment, check with the entertainer about using a flash during his or her performance. Entertainers make memories, so you’ll want to get great photos, but you also don’t want any one to go blind!